"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Slaves of Allah

"He is the Omnipotent over His slaves, and He is the Wise, the Knower" - Quran 006.018

In the backward religion of Islam, the greatest success that a Muslim believer can achieve in life is being a slave.

Muhammad told his blind followers that they must become the “slaves of Allah” or be tortured in hell fire for eternity. He also promised them plenty of booty in both this life and the next.

Fortunately, the Muslims are slowly beginning to accept the fact that there IS NO cruel Islamic god named Allah and that they are in reality simply the SLAVES OF MUHAMMADS CULT.

If Islam were a peaceful and respectable religion that was a benefit to humanity, there would be nothing wrong with dedicating ones life to it. But of course this is not the case. In reality Islam does not ultimately produce good results for Muslims or anyone else.

In fact the Islamic religion without exception produces certain collective disaster for the Muslims. Islam has always failed Muslims, and it will always fail Muslims for as long as the followers of this pathetic cult continue to practice and enforce its cruel dictates. Islamic ideology produces the worst end result that one could possibly imagine. Islam is a vicious cult that creates a blinding slave mentality among Muslims.

As stated above, Muhammad has in reality made the Muslims HIS slaves. From the grave this evil mad man still has control over the minds of Muslims. Muslims live in fear of his most evil book the unholy Quran. Many things are ass backwards in the world of Islam, and the Quran is no exception. The Quran is the most harmful and corrupted book in existence, and yet brainwashed Muslim believers still think it pure and perfect. If the Quran is the unblemished word of god then gasoline is inflammable.

Muslims can never be free and know what it is to be fully and truly human. In fact Muslims do not want to be free. They want to be slaves.

Muslims hate freedom and want to deny it to themselves and others. For the end goal of Islam is to submit totally to Islam and become THE PERFECT SLAVE OF ALLAH.

If Muslims could only see that Islam/Allah is nothing more than Muhammad’s 1400 year old lie that he used to enslave them with and turn them into his personal band of thieves and killers they would walk away from this twisted cult in a heart beat. And fortunately for both Muslims and non-Muslims this process is well under way. Muslims have now rightly become ashamed of Islam and their criminal prophet.

by Ex Muslim Saleem Smith


  1. salaan websidekan fiiriya bal

  2. I like this.

    But inflammable is the wrong word, it means capable of being set alight... incombustible or non-flammable could be substituted as antonyms for inflammable.

  3. Damn dude. You have the biggest brass balls on the planet!

    That's is western slang for you are one brave guy!!

  4. Indeed-- my congratulations and compliments for taking such a brave and potentially dangerous stand. Well done!

  5. Dear Ex Muslim Saleem Smith,

    I find that your incompetency in understanding Islam is quite dismal. I disagree with your statements. even if you have different views of Islam, at least be accurate when you use references of Islam. First of all, you need to differentiate what Islam is and how muslims practice or view Islam. Islam is not a harsh religion nor is Islam a "vicious cult that creates a blinding slave mentality among Muslims" as you so suggested. secondly, Muhammad (pbuh) was a messenger of Allah (swt) who never "enslaved" people. having said that, there are people (like yourself) that take the religion out of context. the terms "Slaves of Allah" is not a negative notation. It is simply a metaphor for people's devotion to worship god and solidify their faith to god. whether people have extreme views of Islam is not of importance, nor does it represent the true essence of Islam, as it is a humble religion. lets get it right, people may not be humble with the religion, but Islam is humble, and the teachings of the prophet was humble. Generally, How people choose to practice or preach the religion is to their discretion.

    if you read books on Islam or the Qur'an, then you will see elements that completely oppose to your extreme views and statements about Islam and about the prophet.

    Remember, the Importance of knowledge is essential in life....hence why you should do more homework before you share your oblivious views about Islam!!

    bye for now

  6. I salute you. That's about all I can do, but I wish I could do more. Regards from Belgium.

  7. It's great to hear about a heathenist atheist Kuffar in Somalia. You can thank PZ Meyers:


    To the last anonymous commenter...GO POUND DIRT, as I've read your Islamic babble texts & so has the Somali Atheist. In fact it's proven that non believers READ MORE of these man made texts than the ignorant believers!


    S.CA USA

  8. atheism is not a solution ... you have to understand islam well and believe me you'll get alot of your inquiring solved.. Islam is pure and peace♥

  9. To; Anonymous

    You responded like a cult member and validated the points mentioned above, pressumably unknowningly.

    Chances are that I know more about Islam than you do, that assumption is based on experiences I've had with Muslims like yourself who simply resort to accussations and by way of attrition.

    You have not repudiated the points mentioned with facts, you basically resorted to the last common demonimator, as per typical Islamist modus operandi; you're ignorant, you take Islam out of context, you don't know Islam, blah blah. Fact is that it has been said before, many times before.

  10. Greetings Kit! :-)

    I don't think I'm kufar, I'm just a guy who has studied the Quran thoroughly and comprehensively. And you know where that leads to, no one in their right mind would believe these fairy tales after analysing them with sound judgement.

    Best wishes! :-)

  11. Support to fellow secularist and humanist from europe :)
    Fighting slave systems is only way to gain peace on earth

  12. After Studying the translation of the Quran/Hadith word by word thoroughly, it became obvious to me that the whole thing is the fictional work of a schizophrenic, epileptic, megalomaniac charlatan (Mohammad) whose claim of a divine revelation is made up to its entirety. Total submission, like that required of every Muslim, is an absolute waste of a precious life. It's all about HERE & NOW, enjoy it to the fullest.

  13. Faarax;

    You are wise, my friend. Very wise indeed.

    Good to see so many Somali people waking up from this nightmare from Arabia. We are growing by the day it seems. I hope you do your part to educate our people.

  14. man this is the TRUTH, hard to swallow but it is the deal.

  15. respect my brother. its so sad that many somalis can't wake up from this nightmare. after reading the quran. i couldnt compute how god is merciful b/c if allah if you will was merciful then how come he allowed millions to die during the transatlantic slave trade? does allah not care about black people or jews for that matter. why didnt allah for warn us in the quran about such a tragedies that took place in the 1600ths. if allah created the universe and all the matter it contains why is allah concerned about which hand we use to eat with or wipe our feces with. why can a man marry 4 wives if need be not muslim but a woman can not. when somalia was faced with famine 2006-2008 how many arab muslim countries came and helped out with money and troops to bring order? why did the infidel nations help us and not the muslims but then you see a different story when another arab muslim country is at war, they help each other. somalis need to wake up!!! and fast because if we don't somalia's name is going to change to kenya or china or whateva. my little sister is 13 and she failed her science class and i asked why dont u care about school like you should. she said, she said b/c we are to worship allah and everything else doesnt matter. it made me question whether i should keep my new identity a secret or tell me parents the truth if though they suspected.

  16. Its an honour to be a slave of Allah in both lifetimes. U probably wont understand that due to ur ego. U say thats the highest success? So there are no successful muslims in the world? Lol why are most of these types of people so ignorant and stupid? Lol its good entertainment.