"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Friday, November 27, 2009


This year nearly 3 milion people will congregate in Mecca for the annual Islamic pilgrimage. Hajj is the time of year when the world's disproportionately poor Muslims spend their mearge resources in filthy rich Saudi Arabia to be closer to a big man above the clouds who prefers that they learn basic Arabic, perform the rituals, visit Saudi Arabia at least once, spend their life time working for a place called "heaven" - which, according to ancient Arabs, is just above the clouds with gates managed by beings called "angels". The event includes such prehistoric and primitive rituals as "stoning of the devil" and takes place for a week.

If an individual stones a wall they'd be sent to a mental institution. If a group of people stone a wall it's called a "religion". "Allah" - the anceint Arab moon god of death and destruction, does not exist. Mohammed (piss be upon him) was a warlord and an Arab supremacist who died nearly 1400 years ago. Muslims are led to believe that "Allah" is so great that nothing else matters, they have no ambitions and spend their life time appeasing a dead Arab named Mohammed, they live for death basically. Perhaps this is why Muslims live in a constant state of war, misery, poverty, utter backwardness, ignorance, oppressive regimes, and constitute the largest uneducated group - a title snatched from the Chinese and the Indians who held it as recently as the 70s and 80s.

The typical boogeyman of CIA that is always blamed for all things bad in the Muslim world does not exist and there ought to be a thorough analsys as to why these people dwell in perpetual misery. However, that could only happen when Muslims stop acting as though they're members of a crazed cult that cannot be reasoned with and make their religion appear as a mental problem in the eyes of others.

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