"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


God has learned so much since then, things you’d think he would have known back in the day: like about germs, atoms, the shape of the Earth, the size of the Universe, etc, things "holy" books he has alleged written are wrong about. In more succinct terms it means gods don't write books, people do. But what happens when enlightened believers are confronted with these errors? They fume and point to their closest religious scholar who is arguably the least educated about the aforementioned subject(s). Free thinkers are not mocking religion, they are describing it, per the omnipresent and all knowing entity requiring the most irrational and delusional people to defend him. Here, as they examine, denounce, or satirize the gods, they are not dealing with a person, but with ideas. God was created by men in caves to explain thunder while trying to manage primitive society with little knowledge beyond their villages' borders. Now that we're not cave men and living in the era of science and knowledge we see the concept shrinking to the dust pin of historical mysticism, we need an additional level. Yet the people who still promote these stone age magical fairies have nothing to objectively feel proud/accomplished about, so they latch on to symbolic things to feel good about themselves.  

Islam and Christianity did not become major religions by the quality of their truths but by the quantity of their violence. Most religions were influenced by what they consider non-religions ... paganism. (Suppose the religious equivalent of a financial 'meltdown' is the flood ... god's meltdown ... a myth that the Abrahamic religions nicked from the pagan Mesopotamia.) No amount of prayer is going to turn a delusional fantasy into reality. Just as the gods of yesterday are the myths of today, the gods of today will be the myths of tomorrow. Religion has had several thousand years to prove it's right yet still can't do better than "wait until you're dead". There is no debating. The views are fixated. The gaps in the logic are to be ignored. Believing in a scheme of divine retribution for those who don’t believe what you believe is obviously atavistic. There is no benefit to the continuation of unreason, specifically for black/brown peoples of the world.

To call one god false then believe in another is inscrutable. Humans are supposed to experience doubt, once you experience 100% you are brainwashed beyond redemption. Human beings react to the environment and events around them in accordance with their world view/ideology, believing everything is the will of an all-powerful god is not going to inspire taking action to alleviate bad circumstances. Believers have little clue of what things like vision, hard work, sacrifice, resolve, foresight, humanity, determination, forgiveness, humility and courage mean. If you think your ideology is 'perfect' then you must search for blame externally because allegorical loquaciousness quickly discombobulates the believer more than the questioner.  

Religious 'logic' says everything must have a creator. Therefore, god must have a creator and that creator must have a creator and ... This is infinite stupidity. There is more depth to the phrase "man created god in his image" in that brain scans have found that talking about god activates the same regions of the brain as when talking about yourself by the neuroscience of religion (neurotheology). People are gripped by slogans with emotional resonance much more than they’re moved by arid data. How could anybody with half a brain believe such stories as: Muhammad splitting of the moon, a hell that matches the imagination of a 10 year old amateur horror story writer, a heaven to give Arab men erections, Muhammad flying to heaven on a flying mutant donkey, chopped up birds flying to Abraham, recording angels on your shoulders, sayings written down 200 years after Muhammad's death being claimed to be his actual words, life being a test of following a set of rules, an entire civilization being destroyed because they killed a camel, etc, etc,..?

The same phrases are repeated century after century. What's accepted and expected are repeated where each member nods enthusiastically. It's a validation mechanism to ensure nobody thinks outside the box, with Muslim-Imam-Level-Stupidity, a level of stupidity that's very rare anywhere in the world today, enforcing strict criteria for those under their grip. Muslim-Imam-Level-Stupidity begets believers remain under the control of Imams. Group-think engenders continuation of texts containing false articles and commands. And coercion or ostracizing and punishment of those who question monotheistic mysticism grandiosely professed by multitudes of ignorant followers. None of the fairy tales could regenerate without child-like followers who do not question. Religious tales were nearly always passed on verbally before the Bible and the Quraan were written.That is to imply the people who wrote the religious books only had knowledge of previous history from tales that had been passed on verbally hundreds or thousands of times.

What Muslims fail to appreciate is that a literalistic application would imply a static understanding of the Quraan. We would have to keep re-creating conditions prevalent in Mecca at the time of Prophet Muhammad. Whether "Every time their skin is roasted through we shall replace it with new skin," is literal or is a metaphor for some other unimaginable and unbearable torment whether physical, mental or spiritual makes exactly zero difference. It is still excessively cruel and sadistic and completely contradicts the claim that god is: "The Most Merciful of those who show Mercy." What one Muslim says doesn't matter because another will simply completely reject it and they'll both point to the allegedly infallible Quraan to support their views, and that is when they are not slaughtering each other on who has the right version of it. Unreason in the age of reason is in of itself a form of punishment.

Similarly, preachers re-create mystical illusions on Friday sermons every weekend asking god to destroy the non Muslims even when residing in the non Muslim countries. If the curses and blessings worked things would look like the opposite of what they are now. Fortunately curses and blessings don't build or destroy societies, under such pretense, and when things don't work out in Muslim societies the only option left is to flee to the infidels. In an environment ruled by choice if given the options of choosing where to live—to live in Sharia law compliant country or secular democracy—Muslims would overwhelmingly vote for the Sharia law and then flee to the secular democracy. Islam is a religion in its dark ages today, it has not yet experienced enlightenment similar to older religions, and nobody would be talking about it if it weren't for its violence and intolerance, and by then Muslims asking people to ignore it would be acceptable. Alas, the Quraan is printed, reprinted and passed to uneducated masses in the third world by the Saudis. While most of the world's population would cringe at the thought of going back, say, century; Muslims fantasize about going back to 7th century Arabia, all Muslim life is about that simple wish. It's all about backwardness. Scripture specifically states they aren't supposed to enjoy peace and comfort in "kufaar" lands, befriending them, associating with them. Roughly 80% of Muslims cannot read Arabic but consider the Quraan a miracle. The phrase “moderate Muslim” is an oxymoron. There are have two kinds of Muslims: Terrorist Muslims and ignorant Muslims. The former are those who know Islam well and live by its dictum. The latter have no clue about their religion and have an idealized image of Islam that has no bases in facts, they are under the illusion that Quraan exudes humanism like teachings of Buddha and Christ but with the particularity of being the only authorized version as it is sanctioned by Allah.

Believers often cannot and do not choose which religion they'll worship since it's chosen for them. They have to be told everything in a system of reward and punishment in which cultivation of personality or individual character building are omitted. Lack of individuality makes believers susceptible to committing atrocities against the (supposed) other, this makes religion the worst ideology humanity conceptualized. And while morality depends on the social environment it's individuality that best promotes empathetic consideration of the consequence of words and behavior. This makes many religious people's heads explode. They can't fathom a universe where people have to actually think, feel, and decide for themselves how to best behave. They require prophets and fraudulent clerics to tell them not to kill. There are, of course, "moderate" Muslims, but there are no theological basis for their arguments, and Arab imperialist Allah hates the "hypocrites" for they won't fight for him so that an Arab can rule supreme over them. Unreason won't permit a Somali person to understand that he/she doesn't have to be a Christian or Muslim and simply be content with one's origin!

When you have to ignore mountains of evidence to hold on to ancient myths; when you use words of others to preserve belief; when you refuse to use logic to protect fantasy, your willful ignorance does not make you a unique individual. It doesn't afford you special consideration. It means that you're just plain wrong. It means that you have nothing to add to intelligent conversation. "But I'm an expert on the bible and therefore intelligent," believed no rational thinker ever. Archaeological evidence dispels religious figures as magicians. Jesus has no historical record from the supposed era of his existence, no writings indicate a godly being, as is in other fairy tales, only magic for unsophisticated audience is apparent. It's notable that the invention of many gods occurred shortly before they were used to justify territorial conquests. Faith is a thought prison with restraints that are only seen after you are free. In Islam you grow up without a positive personal identity and are emotionally dependent on the collective because of this. Religion has always been about a collectivist view for social control. One reason that Christianity in the West has become so weak is that the elite don't need it any more. Today we do not thank gods for staving off tsunamis. Similarly, we don't sacrifice virgins to gods. Yet Muslims, for example, sacrifice an animal to Allah and then eat it (the idea behind "halal" meat). Meat not sacrificed to Allah ("meat not blessed by Allah") cannot be consumed. This practice will undoubtedly one day be considered a moral degradation just as burning witches is now considered immoral.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Top 15 Logical Fallacies

Christianity is a logical fallacy because god is basically sending himself to sacrifice himself to himself to save humanity from himself. Hindu mob recently lynched Indian Muslim for rumored killing of a cow. Hajj pilgrimsclassic example of pedant ritualistic irrelevancythrew stones at a wall supposedly containing "the devil" who has been residing there for 1400 years unmoved by previous stoning rituals even long before Islam was invented.   

(A logical fallacy is a flawed pattern of reasoning.)

#1. Argumentum ad ignorantium - Fallacy that something must be true because it has not been, or can't be, proven false.

(If you can't prove that god doesn't exist, that means he must exist.)

#2. Argumentum ad misericordia - Appealing to pity.

(Why are you so intent on destroying something that makes so many sick children happy!)

#3. Argumentum ad nauseum - Fallacy that something is likely to be true the more often it is said.

(God exists, how many times do I have to tell you?)

#4. Argumentum ad novitatem - Fallacy that something is right because it's new.

(Of course Mormonism is the true religion, Joseph Smith is the most recent prophet.)

#5. Argumentum ad populum - Fallacy that something is correct based on the amount of people who believe it.

(Look how many people believe Jesus is the son of god, they can't all be wrong! )

#6. Bifurcation - Fallacy of presenting a situation as having only two answers.

(Evolution is wrong, so that means creationism is right.)

#7. Circular Logic - The premise that what you are trying to prove is evidence of itself.

(The bible is the word of god because it says it is, and it can't be wrong, because after all, it is the word of god.)

#8. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc - Fallacy of asserting that simulataneous events must be causally related.

(With all these natural disasters happening how can you deny that god isn't punishing us?)

#9. Plurium interrogationum - Fallacy of demanding a simplistic answer to a complex question.

(If god didn't create the universe then explain what did?)

#10. Slippery slope fallacy - Fallacy that one event will inevitably lead to harmful consequences.

(If we let lesbians get married it will be the end of family values.)

#11 - Tu Quoque. The fallacy that flaws in one thing can be justified by pointing to flaws in another.

(Well the US army also killed innocents!)

#12 - Argumentum ad hominem. The fallacy that personal attack and insult is a substitute for refuting what someone says.

(You are mad, stupid, lost your job, lied when you were 17… )

#13 - Red Herring Fallacy: An argument that is irrelevant and intended to replace the lack of real arguments or to replace implicitly the subject of the discussion.

("If God is cruel then how come he gives people eternal paradise?")

#14 - No true Scotsman Fallacy used to take advantage of the ambiguity of a word:

Scotsman A: You know, laddie, no Scotsman puts sugar in his porridge.
Scotsman B: Is that so? I seem to recall my cousin Angus puts sugar in his porridge.
Scotsman A: Aye... but no true Scotsman puts sugar in his porridge.

-The fallacy lies in redefining the word "Scotsman" in order to exclude those who put sugar in their porridge.

#15. Argument from (personal) incredulity.

 ("I cannot imagine how this could be true, therefore it must be false!")

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Religious Fundamentalism: A Side Effect of Lazy Brains?

Insights from neuroscience suggest that the brain tends to automatically accept rather than reject beliefs, oftentimes independent of how logical they might be.

If there is anything that global news has shown us in the past couple of years, it’s that fundamentalism is on the rise and more pervasive than ever. Fundamentalist beliefs have driven countless beheadings, bombings, and execution-style murders by terrorist groups like IS and Al Qaeda in the last year alone. At a time when religious extremism is running rampant in large areas of the world, and steadily growing in virtually all others, finding effective ways to fight it at its core is in the interests of all free nations.

Although many complex causes of fanatical fundamentalism have been identified by a wide range of disciplines, a growing body of evidence from the field of neuroscience suggests one major contributing factor: Brains generally accept beliefs because they have to work much harder to reject them as false.

Beliefs and the Brain

Scientific research investigating the neural underpinnings of belief got its start as recently as 2008, when popular author and neuroscientist Sam Harris began a series of brain imaging studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. The concept was simple: How is the brain activated differently during a state of belief compared to a state of disbelief?

While in an fMRI scanner, participants were asked whether or not they believed in a number of statements. Sentences ranged from the very simple and fact-based (California is larger than Rhode Island), to the abstract and highly subjective (God probably does not exist). The data revealed activation of distinct but sometimes overlapping brain areas during belief versus disbelief conditions.

Additionally, the scans clearly showed something that was more straightforward. Brain activation, overall, was much greater and persisted longer during states of disbelief. This is important because neuroscience has long shown that greater brain activity requires more mental resources, of which there is a limited supply. A cognitive process that demands little mental resources, such as believing, is less work for the brain and therefore favored. This concept was summed up nicely in a 2015 NewScientist cover story on the science of beliefs, which stated, “Harris’ results were widely interpreted as further confirmation that the default state of the human brain is to accept. Belief comes easily; doubt takes effort.”

This finding has great implications for understanding the factors involved in human behavior and decision-making. We all know that our beliefs strongly guide our actions and shape our moral and political attitudes. Since the brain tends to accept ideas rather than reject them, those raised in cultures that promote religious indoctrination of children at a very early age—long before they are taught science, if taught science at all—are more susceptible to holding fundamentalist beliefs later in life.

Further evidence supporting the notion that the brain favors believing comes from classic psychology experiments with children. Many studies have shown the perhaps common sense idea that young children are prone to believe what they are told rather than reject it. The latter involves an evaluation phase that the former does not, which again places more demands on the brain’s limited resources. Suggestibility and gullibility, in a sense, come naturally.

For most Americans, childhood years were spent believing in magical figures like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. All over the world, children have undoubted faith in whatever supernatural beings have been introduced to them by their family and reinforced by their schools and social networks. However, it is important to emphasize that the tendency to believe in ideas effortlessly and automatically is shared by children and adults alike. Although more pronounced in children, a bias toward the less-demanding process of believing remains throughout life.

Science-Based Solutions

Such data-informed insights may offer solutions to the problem of widespread fundamentalism that is fueling many Islamic terror groups in the Middle East and Western nations alike.

At present, in most homes around the world, regardless of the religion, mystical explanations for natural events are taught to children by parents from the time they are old enough to communicate. Even in progressive nations like the U.S. and England, courses on subjects like evolution and physics—that give well-established physical explanations for questions about our origins and how the world works—are not mandatory for all students in high school or even college. Given that ideas are easily accepted as true in early stages of life, great progress could be made if public schools provided children and young adults with a basic science education from the beginning of their academic career. Combatting the brain’s habit of taking the path of least resistance calls for change in legislation that places science subjects at the forefront of schools’ core curriculums.

Second, extremist ideals can be more effectively fought in the brain not only by introducing science topics earlier, but also by making those topics more interesting and accessible at all academic levels. Early science lessons should present complex ideas in ways that make them as easily digestible as religious teachings—and just as easy on the brain. To many scientists, “dumbing down science” is seen as blasphemous, but given that the battle between scientific and religious explanation is often a winner-takes-all scenario, a negligible loss of accuracy in certain Gen Ed science courses is well worth the gains. Public science advocates like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, along with many science awareness social media sites, have been very successful in this effort.

The hard truth of the matter is that for the human mind, believing is more of a reflex than a conscious, careful, and methodical action. Rather than looming over this somewhat disconcerting fact, we should use this information to change the conditions that allow fundamentalist beliefs and dangerous ideologies to flourish. We may not yet be able to go into the brain and change it to fit what needs to be learned, but we can certainly change what needs to be learned to fit the brain.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Waa Maxay "Hiigsi"?

Gasariir baa ka muuqda ereyada warbaahintu adeegsato. Waxaan akhriyey ereyga "hiigsi" oo loo la jeedo tiigaasha yool loo gol leeyahay. Higso iyo hiigsi waa ka la duwan yihiin sida aan ogahay oo ka hore waa wax si dhakhso ah la tiigsaday, ka dambe waa jilcinta haragga ama hilibka. Miyiga waxaa la aslaa "hiige", ama wax af leh, oo lagu jilciyo hilbaha. Saamaha waxaa laga sameeyaa harag la hiigay. Dhagax-lool baa lagu afeeyaa birta wax lagu hiigo (xoqo). Marka haddii ujeeddadu tahay dal cagahiisa ku istaaga dhakhso erey waxaa ugu dhow “higsi”. 

Waa guul haddii madaxdeennu hilib noo jilcinayso oo maatada baahan baa ku miran, balse dhan walba waa lagu hungoobay madaxda Soomaaliyeed oo ay ugu horrayso cambaarta wejigooda ku dheggan marka ay ku “hadaaqaan” hadal aan laga fiirsan, tiraab ka maran han hogotusaalaysan wanaagsanaantooda ama teenna intaba sababta oo ah umad walba waxay haleeshaa hoggaanka ay u qalanto oo ku caddaysaa dadnimadeeda. Hormuudka ay u dhiibato talada dalka waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in uu bulshada la hadli karo oo si wadar ah ugu faahfaahin karo qorshe. Qofka leh “hiigsi” malaha asaga baa u baahan jilcin, malaha asaga baa kakan oo u bislayn hoggaamin.

Weylaalis baa guddiyaalku garta ku gorfayn jireen oo goleyaashu qaadaadhigi jireen gocashooyinka bulshada ku na talo bixin jireen gogoldhigga isla markaas. Haddii maanta sidaas la yeelo ayada oo daaro (yaryar) noo dhisan yihiin weliba ayaa waxay noqon lahayd boor-ka-jaf dhaqan-dhalasheed tusaaleeya wanwanaagsanaanteennii waayihii fiyoobaanta maankeenna, ayaduba waa astaan loo baahday oo wax ku oollan. Nolosha garashaysan marka ay silloonto waxay dib-u-eegtaa hidderaaca ab’ogaaga samatabax ahaan oo ka dheegataa wanaag ay waa’ ku liibaantay. Halkaan waxaa yoto’an gumaynta hiddewaale iyo garaadlaaweyaasha guulallowsanaanshahooda.  

Maxaa lib-seege u sheegan karaa duruufaha oogan maanta? Qofka, tusaale ahaan, leh;

Waxaan drive-gareeyey

Waxaan plan-gareeyey

Waxaan call-gareeyey

Waxaan fund-gareeyey

Isku qaska ereyada Soomaaliga iyo kuwa shisheeyeed wax ka dharban ma leh oo qofka sidaas yeelay waxaa la roon in uu meesha u banneeyo qof ku firfircoon hawsha caynkaas ah. Gasariir (ama abaar daran) baa ka muuqata ereyada siyaasigu adeegsado oo waxay dhimaashaa xaafiiska shaqo oo qofnimadiisa ayay liiddaa waxay na hoos u dhigtaa yididdiillada dadweynaha. Taliyenimo waa xul iyo keni-adkaansho, hodantinnimo qofeed leh waayo’aragnimo iyo indheergarasho. Bulsho walba waxaa u kacay foolaad, sagsaaggu haddii uu foolaad isu moodo waa gabaaraggaddoon. Hadalku na waa xiriirka koowaad oo talis la leeyahay bulsho. Aftahannimo inkasta oo aan loo wada dhalan waa hodantinnimo hoggaamiyeed kaalinta koowaad ku leh maamulka—oo la mid ah kartida, aqoonta, dad-dhexgalka iyo fulinta—oo masuulku hawaawi yeelo.

Ereyga “hiigsi” oo si khaldan loo adeegsaday waxaa amaahday weriye-ku-sheegga ka arradan talaxtegga weriyenimo oo wuxuu u hirgalay hab kale aqoonyaraanta iyo khayrul-masuulnimada “foolaadkeenna” awgood. Waxaa in badan la isweydiiyay “sidee burburka looga baxaa” ayada oo la laalay ogaanta in madax-madax loo socdo oo aan qumaati loo istaagi karin teer la engeg bixiyo gaallanaanta afka tashiga lagu wadaago. Talis ku liita afka waxa uu adeegsan karaa afyaqaan ku talaxtegay isgaarsiinta; haatan waxaa tifaftirka muhiimad ku leh afafka qalaad.

Tixgelinta afafka shisheeyeed waa garasho leh afku waa seeska dawladda waa na toolmoonaan soo-jiidasho leh. Madax dadka aan hadal la wadaagi karin wax ay soo kordhiyaan baa yar. Haatan madaxweynaha lagu hungoobay—Xasan Sheekh—dadweynaha dareen la ma xiriiriyo oo waa afgarooc. Afgobaadsi se waxaa lagu mutaa kal oo kolka talisku taban yahay waa sed u gaar ah qofka og oo isku taxalujiya adeegsigiisa marka uu doono. Isla haddana ayada oo talisku wanaag leeyahay baa marka uu dhankaan gaabiyo waxaa dhasha is-afgaranwaa baahiya tuhun aan dhab ahayn. Mar walba muhiimadda hadalku talis u leeyahay waa mid weyn oo guubaabisa bulshada ama niyad jebisa. Hawl ahaan waa lagu sabsabaa dadweynaha oo loogu filaa saadaal wacan oo lagu toosiyaa tubta toosan.

Ereyga kale oo “hiigsi” oo kale si gurracan loo adeegsado waa “mooshin [motion]”, waxaa laga wadaa “bareere” ayada oo loo turin afka. Af Soomaaligu waa maaddo barasho ahaan qof ku qaadan karta dhammaanshaha noloshiisa, waa farshaxan sida Amiin Caamir loogu ka la horumaro oo aan guntiisa la gaari karin. Haddana qof walba afka uu u dhashay inta uu ka barto ayuu garaadkiisu yahay oo tilmaamay halka uu bulshada uga jiro, heerka waxbarashadiisu gaartay iyo inta uu dal/dad ugu fadhiyo. Barashada Soomaaligu waa masuuliyad saaran Soomaali walba.

Maamul goboleedyada teedsan dalka waa ku eedeysan yihiin dhaawaca af Soomaaliga. Warmurtiyeedka ay soosaaraan waxaa marmar lagu qoraa afaf shisheeyeed ayada oo dadku Soomaali yahay. Afyaqaan (afceliye, afhaye, iyo afjaaq) wax badan buu tari karaa baaxaaddegnaanta arrimaha dalka waxaa na baaqan lahaa dhalashada is-afgaranwaaga iyo wareerka ku lammaan oo noqday gedka nolosha Soomaalida. Booskiisu waa bannaan yahay.

Wacnaan lahayd helloonsho taliye dawga og, hidde dadnimo leh oo u dhuundaloola oo daacad u ah danaha oo isu rogin duuflaal marka uu habeen u hoydo Villa Soomaaliya, garaadle hadalkiisu hiraal muujiyo.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cambaarayntii Iswiidhan: Iinta Dawladda Soomaaliya

War-murtiyeedkii Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debedda Soomaaliya soosaartay 24kii bisha Maarso (2015) oo lagu cambaareeyey Iswiidhan oo ku saabsanaa dhaleeceyn xad-gudub aadmiyeed ay fashay dawladda Sucuudi Careebiya baa amakaag ku curiyey bulshoweynta Soomaaliyeed. Waxay bulshadu ogsoon tahay barnaamijyada Soomaali-saaca ah oo ay Iswiidhan tartay Soomaalida halligantay; iyo dhanka kale; takoorka, quursida iyo bahdilka dawladda Sucuudigu ku la kacay dad Soomaaliyeed oo dalkeeda nolol biday balse loogu jawaabay si baxsan xeerhoosaadka aadmiyeed. Haddana waxaa la og yahay dhaleeceynta joogtaysan oo hay’adaha u dirira xuquuqda aadmigu ay Sucuudiga ku oogaan iyo Iswiidhan oo ah dalalka dunida ugu hor-u-marsan dhanka xuquuqda aadmiga. Sedbursiga Sucuudiga yaal baa ka masuul ah in dad u dhashay dalkaas barwaaqada gaaska laga helay u cararay waddanno Iswiidhan ku jirto oo nolol ugu barobaxay.

Dhoylaawennimo iyo ismoodsiis waa meel’e, ka la duwanaanta labada dal (Sucuudiga iyo Iswiidhan) waa kaaf iyo ka la dheeri, inta ay ka la duwanaantaasu Soomaali ahaan noo leedahay waa ay caddahay. Bilmesal habka Sucuudigu uu sida duurjoogta si ka daran ula dhaqmay hooyooyin Soomaaliyeed, dib-u-celinta dad dagaal ka soo qaxay, iyo inta sagan uu muujiyey waa arrimo dad badan oo Soomaaliyeed ku baraarujiyey in uu jiri karo isir-nacayb heerkaas gaarsiisan. Sucuudigu ku ma qasbana taakulaynta dadka dalkooda soo burburiyey, xigto la ma aha Soomaalida isir ahaan (in kasta oo dadka qaar haasaawe ahaan taas ku beerqabowsado), Iswiidhanna waa la mid dhankaan waxaa se ka la geeya ilbaxnimo iyo garawshe aadmiyeed. Waa qodobkaas dambe waxa kulmiya dadyowga dunida ama ka la sooca oo u dhexeeya Soomaaliya, Sucuudi Careebiya iyo Iswiidhan. Waa isla qodobkaas mid la xiriira ka ay dawladda Soomaaliya war-murtiyeed ka soosaartay. Kaas oo aad iyo aad u qaab daran oo u muuqda oraah aan laga fiirsan oo aan laga baaraandegin iyo ogaan la’aanta dad loo dhiibay hawl ay kasmo u lahayn.

Iswiidhan waxay mudan tahay bogaadin habka qurxoon oo ay uga dhiidhiday dooxatada Sucuudiga. Waxay mudan tahay mahadnaq ku aaddan qaabka ay dalkeeda ugu soo dhoweysay dad soo qaxay. Waxay mudan tahay abaal. Waxay leedahay dhiirrinaan ku dayasho mudan oo lagu hirtay si weyn. Iswiidhan inta ay u qatabay Soomaali cid u qabatay, oo ay dawladda Muqdisho ku jirto, waa yar yihiin. Gayllanka Iswiidhan ee kobcinta xuquuqda aadmiga ayey ahayd in Soomaaliya taageerto maadaama Soomaalidu ka buuxdo gaalshire dalal badan oo u baahan yihiin xuquuq la duudsiiyey. Dawladda Soomaaliyana waxay mudan tahay CAMBAARAYN weyn oo ku aaddan sida ay addoon ahaan ugu dhaqantay oo ay Sucuudiyiinta ugu ekeysiisay gumayste ay ka amar-qaadato ayada oo aan u turayn danaha dadkeeda. Dal madaxbannaan sidaan uma dhaqmo.

Sucuudi Careebiya waa dal ay taliska u hayso koox isku qoys ah oo bulshadu u tahay la-haysteyaal la laaluusho. Gaaska reer Galbeedku u soosaaray ka hor waxay ahaan jireen dad nolosha ku liita oo isu layn jiray qabiillooyin qarniyo badan. Waxaa dhaqaale u ahaa dakhliga ka soo xarooda Xajka. Waxaa lagu xifaalayn jiray reerbaaddiye/maangaab oo lagu xaman jiray, gaar ahaan Masaaridu, in ay weligood ilbixi doonin. Haatan waxay bilaabeen dhismaha Magaalada Boqorka oo lagu kharash gareeyey boqol bilyan oo doollar si dadkoodu aayaha u ilbaxo.

Haddii dadku qaar ku andacoodo diin baa naga dhexaysa, waxaa hubaal ah Sucuudigu in uu maalin qur diinta ka bixi lahaa haddii ay dan ugu jirin oo u danaysan lahaa dhan kale, waa dareen saaran daymaha iyo dibnaha in ay dan ahaan u haystaan diinta oo waa ogaal guud ahaan bulshada Sucuudi Careebiya taqaan. Boqollaal kun oo ardayeed baa Sucuudigu u diray dalalka reer Galbeedka si ay waxbarasho u soo qaataan, soo-laabashada dhallaankaas baa durba daaha ka feyday tiro sii-hanaqaadaysa oo ka baxay diinta Islaanka dalka Sucuudiga oo u arkay sheeko-badoweed beexaantay, taas oo Boqortooyadu u xeerisay in diinlaawennimo tahay argaggixisonimo sababta oo ah diintu waa danahooda oo loo adeegsadaa tab iyo xeel ay dawladaha Carbeed ee wada cambeereeyey Iswiidhan ee Soomaaliya ku jirto ay wadaagaan oo bulshooyinkooda ku maamulaan. "Haddii [Boqortooyada Sucuudigu] dan u aragto in Buudhiisim dalka lagu maamulo, waxay ku dhaqaaqi lahayd hal dharaar," waxaa yiri aqoonyahan u dhashay ayaga.

Labada dal, iyo guud ahaan Bariga Dhexe iyo Iswiidhan, waxaa ka dhexeeya isjiijiid siyaasadeed iyo dhaqaale. Tusaale ahaan cududda ganacsiyeed ee labada dal wuxuu u dhigmaa hal bilyan iyo bar. Dhanka kale, maadaama Iswiidhan gaarnimo u leedahay danaynta xuquuqda aadmiga ayaa waxay u codaysay dalnimada Falastiin oo ka caraysiiyey Israa’iil. Soomaaliya Iswiidhan la ma leh yooyootan ama iskaashi dhaqaale. Danta labada dal waa saacidaad un. Dawarsato dookh ma leh.

War-murtiyeedkii Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debedda ay ku dhaleeceysay Iswiidhan baa ahaa shaabbad kale oo lagu dhuftay baalka weyn ee ay ku yaallaan tabashooyinka bulshadu ka tebanayso dawladdaan lagu hungoobay, dawladdaan hab-dhaqankeedu liidnaanta astaamaysan yahay oo waxay tahay la garan kari waayey oo ka agnaan ah hannaanka dawladeed iyo hawlaha bulsho uga fadhido dawlad ahaan. Arrintaan waxay taransan tahay “ku-la-jire kaa-la-jire” ay dawladda Soomaaliyeed la safatay kuwii bulshadeeda laadka la dhacay oo ay weliba ugu sacabbo tumayso.

Waxaa tiro goostay iimaha dawladda Soomaaliya leedahay oo tafiirgooyay kal-furnaantii loo hayey markii la yagleelay. Taddawur ay higsato waa’ hore baa laga quustay oo waxaa weli tuban dadkii tafantoofay oo gees ka daawanaya, iyo habacsanaanteeda, ama dhoysas maamul loo dhiibay oo dhukay dhego gufaysan iyo indhooleyaal tahantoogtay oo aan hawadin karin hawlaha arlada.

Hawlwadeennada Wasaraadda Arrimaha Debedda ma ogsoon yihiin in Iswiidhan bixiso mushaarka askarta ilaalisa? Ma ogsoon yihiin in Sucuudi Careebiya soo xawishay aydiyoolojiga argaggixisada u oomman dhiiggooda? Ma ogsoon yihiin in bulshadu ka rajo-beeshay oo meesha ay joogaan lilan tahay? Mise wax ay og yihiin baa iska yar oo ay iintu ugu horrayso?

Dawladda maanta waa lohod aan lahayn laf iyo ricir. Sidaas darteed haddii ay wax kale qaban weyday, oo ay weliba ka gaabisay gaaridda dhaqaaqjoogeyaashii Ku-Meel-Gaarkii ay beddeshay dhowr gu' ka hor, ha ogsoonaato ugu yaraan in ay ergo tahay. Waxay dharaarmaalisay sandareerto Iswiidhan u sadqaysay danyarta leelleelku haleelay leelleeltirnaansho ahaan. Kistaas oo la’aanteed har cad lagu ugaarsan lahaa rugaha ay Muqdisho ka deggan tahay lagu na tirtiri lahaa. Kista na waxay ku dartay gardarro iyo gef malaha ayada oo naawilaysa gacanqabasho marka doorasho timaaddo hase yeeshee waa tallaabo ka mid tallaabooyin dawladdaanu qaadday oo amakaag miiran leh.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Intellectual Slump in the Muslim World

The United Kingdom government has banned the teaching of creationism in free schools and academies, during the same period a viral video circulated social media in which a Saudi cleric postulated the Earth to be flat. Another immediate example: The European Space Agency managed to put Philae on a one-km wide comet named 67P, with a speed of 135,00p km/h, after a 3,907-day-long journey to a location 500 million km away. It coincided with Islamic terrorists attacking four continents for "guaranteed place in heaven" by way of a leader's speech.

The advancement of modern humans has little to do with faith. For most Europeans the Bible is largely mythology. It contains some garbled history, some record of religious/tribal law, and some fables, but at this distance it has become mere myth. There are also points at which one can actually observe the myth-making in progress when comparing events recorded in the bible with the same events in history (the Book of Jeremiah is a fine example).

Teaching reality in the UK schools rather than magical fairies best illustrates the extent to which the Muslim world has fallen behind in the age of enlightenment. England did not begin as a non-theist country. What they did was, essentially, expel radical religious people and encourage environment conducive to enlightenment. Constant pressure, constant and relentless demonstration that evidence-based approaches work, and consistently rewarding such approaches is what seems to have worked in Europe.

To an outsider this societal approach may appear unobtainable but it's fairly easy to contrivance. A society or a community should be strong enough to be able to introspect and look within itself, accept any shortcoming and overcome those shortcomings through reform and progress. Such actions can only lead to a better outcome for not only the person's community and society but the for everyone at large. It precedes removal of ignorant clerics and lays the foundation for society accepting the importance of truth at which point children could be taught to think critically. Crux of the matter is religion is an impediment to human flourishing, and with regards to the uneducated clerics: You have two choices when you have a roadblock erected by religion; you can drive through it or stop and proceed no further. 

Emotional belief relies on unconvincing traditional beliefs. Fallacious presumptions take precedent over demonstrable facts. When presented with demonstrable facts the believers gumption straw-man and ad hominen attacks. They are following the flock without independent perspective which is how fanatics prefer and spread. A lack of diversity makes people think the majority view is the correct view, and therefore mandatory, view. The more you are exposed to a diversity of people the more the mind broadens and ceases thinking in absolutes.

Today we know "god" is impossible as defined by any major religion. Logically impossible. Any confirmation of the nature of "the creator of the universe" obtained from a book is ultimately derived from the imaginations of men. There is no "received" knowledge of any gods. They are anthropomorphic constructs invented by humans and bearing all the constraints and defects of human. There is zero evidence for the existence of any form of deity — but ample evidence for the creation by human beings of the gods we do have. Natural evolution is evident. Cosmic history is evident. God is evidently made up. We see evidence of a time before life, and then we see evidence of life. We see examples of molecules that, with the right components and under the right circumstances recombine into much more complex molecules. We see evidence of those components and circumstances on Earth a short time before there was anything we could call life.

If we teach children how primitive superstitions came to be around the world, they'll figure out that their religion is just one of them. If we teach them to think critically and rationally, they'll go to church/mosque and realize that the stories don't make any sense, that they can't be true, and that their holy book has to be cherry picked, and some amazing interpretational acrobatics have to take place so that they can extract any real morality from it. Teach them to be scientifically literate, and they'll come to understand evolution and natural history, and belief just won't be necessary any more. Teach them biology, physics, geology, anatomy. They don't need a lot of each one to get by, but the more they understand reality, the less likely they are to accept supernatural explanations for anything.  

The location of god changed throughout history; initially god was said to be living on the other side of the village, then the river, then the mountain, then above the clouds...now it's in the far corners of the universe or possibly in another universe. The exploration from tiny villages to continents and possibly beyond Earth chased gods farther, with cretinous arguments made for simplistic supposition of needing religion because we need to be controlled. This control alluded to is variable. Believers still find holes in science to support dogmatic assertions while denying the very foundations of science. The burden of proof they demand from science they will not demand from religion. This cognitive dissonance has become all too common.

Science and education are killing all religions. Right now it's the educated and strong who're leaving Islam in droves, and radical Islam heavily relies on the people being gullible as they are controlled by fear/deceit/threats (blasphemy laws). So Muslim clerics are rightfully concerned about the stagnation of Islam as becoming irrelevant by the day. Saudi clerics even now admit they're 'losing influence over the youth'. Sadly, we are all in for a very bumpy ride ahead due the aggressive nature of radical fundamentalists but inversely these hostile attacks lead some to devalue false beliefs.

The intellectual slump in the Muslim world incriminates the totalitarian regimes, the genocidal lunatic fringe, the Muslim apologists and the uneducated masses. The totalitarian regimes, for example the Saudi Royal family, use the fanatics as "useful idiots" through ideology to prolong their rule. The genocidal terrorists are told they are dying for virgin women. The apologists twist words, use half truths, deploy cultural relativism to stifle legitimate discussion about Islam. Making pointed efforts to conceal an emotional range and expressiveness to dis-incentivize any invigorating natural and instinctive habits of the intellectual centers of the mind which have atrophied over time. Tenured far-left ideologues provide maximum seductive impact for Muslim apologists' rhetoric with shaming terms like "Islamophobia" — how is it phobia when there is genuine security concern? They are essentially defending the indefensible by any means necessary unconcerned about spurring intellectual growth.

The uneducated masses use conspiracy theories and blaming the West as ego-protecting shields. Any scintilla for true intellectualism is shunned and debased in such environment of competing interests. Apropos the impotent rage-pouting deranged extremists, subject mutates into what Ibn Taymiyah said in the 12th century and glorifying backward jurisprudence. The insularity of mindless belief is betrayed by its own hive-mind corroding incantations. Think that most people are pretty much in agreement that the Quraan was taught by Mohammed to certain disciples/followers who learned it by heart, and translated it into written form decades after his death. Since this part was done by Arabic scholars there is nothing very remarkable about it being well-written. So whoever wrote it was highly literate. The scientific "facts" it contains are only so when interpreted as metaphor. This does not make a convincing case for a god of any kind. Not knowing is the preferred mode as many scientific errors found in the Quraan are even blocked online in the Muslim world.

Faith-based hypothetical exercise leaves little room for intellect. Deleteriously, impressionable Muslim minds misconstrue these age-old insular exchanges as credentialed intellectual stimulation.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Think Critically and Demand Evidence

Geographical location predicts which religion a person believes. Social construction and brainwashing ensure sustainability of belief systems. Religion is an ideology like any other, it has a beginning and an end. An ideology of ignorance, the whole basis of religion is understood to have been invented to control the masses. Kind of a government before government was invented, laws before law enforcement. And an opiate for the poor and ignorant still being trafficked today.

There is no evidence, historical or otherwise, for religion today while the fabrication is easily discernible. Scientific discoveries from the last several centuries have eroded any reasonable explanation for gods and critical thinking which naturally demands evidence have demolished sheepherder fairies about the universe.

Here is the main problem when critical thinking is applied: Which god? Christian? Muslim? Greek? Egyptian? One of the thousands if not millions of Native American or African Tribal gods? What about Cthulhu? Or a pink unicorn? Or gnomes that like making shoes? Every single one of those would be as valid as giving up and saying "god did it." And that's not even getting to the issue of defining what "god" is. Is it just a thing that had a hand in creating the universe we observe before us? Is it something that exerts force in this universe? Is it a number of somethings? Is it a fundamental force yet to be discovered or understood? Everyone seems to assume god is a human-like thing but why make that assumption? We can't even say with certainty that we're the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, what makes us so special that an unknown force looks exactly like us?

The demand for factual substantiation presents further explanations extracted from the simplistic talking points of the brainwashed flock. The availability of information in the age of enlightenment has forced the religious to produce more damning evidence of the fatuous primitive scriptures. Whatever gleaned from yet unexplained scientific concepts have become the rallying cry for the religious. Saying "proof that science can't explain" is a nonsensical sentence because science is the closest to an effective method to prove anything. All that's left then is amateurs interpreting natural phenomena according to their presumptions of the supernatural. The knowledge of ancient cultures, easily explainable today, indicates that it's not religion that described these things. It's people. It is Arab numbers that are responsible for Islam even existing outside of Mecca. So numbers made Islam great, but not in the 'wonderfully enlightened' way, just in the 'large group of fools' way.

Muslims, when asked about the atrocities committed by terror groups will conveniently denounce (particularly when they're in a non Muslim country; in Muslim countries support is unapologetic) by concluding a group is really wrong or are not true Muslims and Quraan doesn't allow killing innocent people. Yet "true Muslims" or said terror outfit disagree on what an "innocent" is. The allegedly infallible text is vulnerable to interpretation by anybody in any way desirable. This shows at the very least that what you want to call supernatural isn't perfect.

 (Flat Earth theory is widely held amongst Muslim theologians.)



Flat Earthers teach creationist fairies lacking factual basis. Life evolved out of simpler non-living systems as soon as we discount the supernatural, which we would be very foolish not to. Because attributing everything we don't know to a god makes us stop trying to find out. The brain is constantly assigning meaning to otherwise random data that fire-hoses itself across neurons. We have to recognize when we have incorrectly assigned meaning to data. It's just natural. There has been so many things in this universe that were previously attributed to gods, although they did not really know, as we today know for certain that these things depend on something else. They were therefore lying. To admit you don't know something makes you able to discover it, something you can not do if you attribute this something to a fictitious solution.

Critical thinkers demand that extraordinary claims be supported by extraordinary evidence, and refuse to accept extraordinary claims that are made by people who provide no evidence at all. Facts and evidence make something real, which has been provided by the scientific community for macro evolution for quite some time.

 (The objective isn't to provide material congruent to reality but to promote enthusiastic abandonment of reason for mysticism. Surely he wasn't born believing this nonsense as it's the result of systemic brainwashing which he will regrettably pass on to new generations.)
Today people who reject evolution either don't know anything about it, or have a vested interest in selling snake-oil, and know that they can't continue to sell Christianity to people (which is, of course, the biggest religious business at present) if they admit that evolution is true. Invariably, new discoveries make the scam of religions increasingly impossible to defend. Of course, it's not like we need new discoveries to disprove religions, usually their holy books do that all by themselves. The case against Christianity which is the largest of the three Abrahamic religions is simple;

1) Archaeology absolutely does not support Biblical claims.

2) Apart from a few minor characters (i.e. Pontius Pilate) there is no outside evidence to suggest that any of the Biblical characters actually existed.

3) Even if some of these characters did exist, the assorted miracles and other fanciful occurrences are enough to show that they are not reliable recordings of history, but the myths of an ancient and barbaric people.

Thinking critically is the best way to a healthy society where tolerance, progress and lesser violent behaviors would be cultivated. In this paradigm a generation of critical thinkers assimilates into society where decent and responsible parent would teach their children how to think rather than what to think. There is probably no better gift than to imbibe an individual with the ability to reason on their own. Teaching religion at school is the best way to promote belief without evidence and generate new generations of brain dead or lobotomized individuals incapable of independent analytical thought. It's the best way to ensure backwardness, intolerance, and violence.

Schools provide credibility to anything taught there and teaching ancient myths is an exercise in futility. Since religious people study a single book consisting of four hundred pages for life there is little to expand upon and the rest of life is spent on trying to fit new information on what's written in that single book. When learning places imbue innocent minds with fairies about creationism through fear, the natural beauty of the contemporary world has little truth or enjoyment. Evidence-based thinking introduces first steps of evolution (first came bacteria, algae, fish, amphibians [generalized]) while infinitely investigating the truth behind it all. Compare fresh young mind reading "The Origin of Species" and a more contemporary explanation, "Why Evolution is True" by Jerry A. Coyne, an excellent introduction to basic concepts, to Biblical stories about demons/devils and gods/angels battling a cosmic battle in a mythical place. The difference is demonstrable as it is appreciable.  

The scientific theory first needs to predict something in the way gravity and evolution predict observable events. It lists that every living organism on this planet has a genome (chromosomes and DNA) as conclusive evidence of evolution. DNA is universal in all living things, even vegetables have it. This links us all to every other life form on this planet. This is the scientific fact that proves definitely and without a doubt that we all, living things, have a common ancestor.

There are other kinds of mental viruses: Nazism, Communism, Fascism. Utopian dreams often become utopian nightmares. When we rid ourselves, finally, of the stupefying burden of religion, that is not the end of irrationality. Humans are basically irrational creatures, we arose from the muck, we developed tools of logic, reason, etc. Only when we use these tools do we rise above prejudice, superstition, and ignorance. But it doesn't change our basic irrational reptilian brain. Rational arguments against god make no difference to the faithful because faith itself is irrational. Faith is blindly following the unknown through inability or unwillingness to understand. People will believe what they want to believe regardless of the evidence. No amount of logical arguments will convince you of something that you arrived at without logic. This is the futility of rational arguments.