"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quran says Islam a Religion of Peace

One cannot count the number of times one hears that Islam is a "religion of peace". Muslims constantly go out of their way to claim that Islam is a religion of peace despite the persistent daily bloodshed in Islamic countries. The more Muslim a country is, the more it's likely to be utterly backward, involved in violently brutal war, poverty, oppressive regimes, illiteracy, socially backward, and so forth.

Muslims always blame the CIA and Israel for all their problems rather than take a look at their own backyard, in fact, it is as though it's an Islamic doctrine to blame the West for all the ills of an Islamic society. However, that is hardly surprising when people aren't allowed to coherently and truthfully discusss their problems in an open and transparent manner.

The few Muslims who attempt to instigate public discussion regarding the misery of the Muslims are either shunned, accused of working for the CIA, not being real Muslims, chased and even killed. Muslims now constitute the largest uneducated bloc since the 60s when China and India held that position.

Muslims have grown exponentially in numbers in the last few decades. This is attributed to a number of things; other groups have gone on to better the livelyhood of their people by seeking higher education and decent standard of living, they've spent considerable time and effort in education and work, whereas Muslims marry up to four wives and breed incessantly without regard for the well being of their offspring and their future, or lack thereof. "Allah" will take care of things and bring prosperity, claim Muslim Sheekhs. Subsequently, family planning is considered a sin.

The outcome will likely be one of more bloodshed in the Muslim world as many more people fight over mearge resources. Wars, civil strife, lack of education, lack of adequate employment, rampant corruption, oppression and other forms of social degredation resulting in mass deaths aren't far behind. The religion of peace will continue to subjugate its followers to a life time of torment due to its catastrophically-flawed indoctrination.

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