"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Somalia: Muslims kill Christian leader

Jihadis in Somalia murder Christian leader because he converted from Islam

And now they have threatened to kill his wife. Not that there is any Islamic law calling for the murder of apostates -- of course not!

"Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader," from CDN, January 26:

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 26 (CDN) -- Islamic extremists shot the leader of an underground church to death outside the capital city of Somalia this month and have threatened to kill his wife, his tearful widow told Compass.

Having learned that he had left Islam to become a Christian, Somali militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab murdered 41-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Ali at about noon on Jan. 1, Amina Ibrahim Hassan said.

He was killed sometime after leaving his home in Hodan, on the outskirts of Mogadishu, she said. She and other family members were not immediately aware that he had been killed.

"We waited for him that day, but he did not turn up," said Hassan, who has since fled to Nairobi. "The following day, on Jan. 2, I was informed by the fellowship that my husband had been killed."

Ali led an underground church. Christian sources said members of al Shabaab, said to have links with al Qaeda terrorists, had been monitoring Ali and his wife for indications that they had left Islam....

"We know who you are working for," Hassan said one extremist told her. "We also know your home and that you are a follower of the Christians, and we are going to kill you the way we killed your husband."

- This is a classic trait of cults. Islam is an evil cult of death and destruction and that cannot be stressed enough. It's stridently anti peace, sans its own version. Islam is proudly evil. This act will be celebrated by Muslims as a victory. It's written in the Quran.

- The Quran sanctions Muslims to lie, cheat, etc, if it advances the religion. It's called "Taqqiya" in the Quran. Killing is obviously condoned.

- Sida Quraanka ku qoran, diin-ku-sheegga Carabtu waxay qeexaysaa dilidda qofkii ka leexda waallideeda. Ayaandarro weeye sida dadka Soomaaliyeed ee la maandooriyey u difaacaan dhaqan Carbeedka la diimeeyey ee Carabtu dadkeenna ku addoonsato, iyo sida ay isaga indho tiraan hagardaamooyinkeeda ee u beeneeyaan dhibaatooyinka dhaqankaas guracan. Dhaqan Carbeedka la diimeeyey ee Islaam aasaaskiisu waa kooxaysi. Kooxaysigu jeer walba falal guracan waa u hufan yahay.

- Kuwa hamhamtii Maxammed (piss be upon him) madax martay waxay la soo boodi "maxaa diinta loo aflagaaddeeyey!?" Dilka dad an waxba galabsan waxba uma arkaan!

- Beenta Carabtu dhulkeen la timid maaha mid maanka dhiiran galaysa.


  1. I think that he was originally arrested only for carrying a Bible. Does that even make sense? He lost his life for reading a book that the Quran states is inspired, but is considered abrogated and so suddenly becomes detestable. I have seen Somalis that wouldn't even touch a Bible because they consider it to be unclean.

  2. This group does not represent Islam, they also beheaded a young girl recently for refusing to marry their 'emir' (some Afghan jihadist) on the basis that she 'rebelled against Islam'
    Subxaanalah, they are moryaans with no knowledge of the deen.

  3. Actually, they are not only representing Islam but the most puritan form of Islam. They are following the Quran word for word. Wahabbism is their foundation. They have spread through the Salafi school of thought which dictates that Muslims should go back to (and live similarly) the time of the prophet and that is precisely what they're doing. To say they don't represent Islam is akin to saying the Pope doesn't represent Christianity.

    Muslims, the so-called "moderate" Muslims, always claim that each violent group that stems from Islamic teaching doesn't represent Islam, however, that is a blatant lie. Each group that claims to be the REAL Muslims tends to be more voilent than the other. Coincident? Not when you consider that Wahabbi teachings specifically condone the killing of such diverse Islamic groups as the Sufis and the Shia.

    We know the truth and we cannot keep hiding from it - Islam is evil and it teaches terrorism. That is the reason why Wahabbis kill fellow Muslims, so-called moderates, because they're not real Muslims. And looking back at history and the voilent ways in which Islam spread to non Arab people's lands by the sword, they do, in fact, represent what Islam is all about.

    Either you're not a Muslim or you don't know much about Islam. In which case, you're in no position to speak about the matter. Now, as it were..