"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Mawali

Throughout history each group of people in every corner of the world has had its own religion(s). Religion is a medieval philosophical construct in which the primitive man maintained societal control over the masses. It was dominantly structured institution filling the void of science or government to (philosophically) explain the inexplicable, lacking independent analytical investigation and substantiation. Religions thrive in belief and faith without facts by stifling independent thought. Faith is the ultimate blindfold for realizing the truth, it is the justification for believing in something that is not based upon tangible substance and empirical evidence. For the religious faith constitutes fact. The superstitious drivel religions permeate cultivate sensationalism and absolutism while counteractively opposing reason, logic and fact. It's basically conquer and subdue with fear, and promise of punishment and exceptionalism.

Religions share enormous similarities; each copies its predecessor(s) yet denies - or claims its predecessors have been corrupted - and rejects all other religions, and the extent to which they're similar is that if one is true then they might as well all be true. If gods were factual, and not based on blind faith, there would be thousands upon thousands of gods out there. Prior to the arrival of Islam the religion of Somalia was Waaq for thousands of years and was entirely locale in customs and identity. In the same way Islam remains entirely inherently characteristically Arabic, Waaqism was Somali in all aspects - although shared by Cushitic peoples of East Africa. When Arabs came to Somalia and Islam spread by the sword to that area it propagated complete fundamental transformation of society.

Similar methods were deployed elsewhere Islam spread to; initially spreading by the sword followed by persistent systemic indoctrination of the locals for centuries. All human developmental milestones and achievements of the conquered morphed into Arabism, and now referred to as "the golden age of Islam" despite the fact that there was nothing golden about it for the locals. Because Islam is undoubtedly an Arab centric religion, in Islam Arabs are considered the best people and non Arabs are "Mawali". Islamized nations became clients/slaves - or Mawali - for the Arabs. Since Islam (like Christianity) seeks to wipe out memory of and identification with pre-conversion history, cultural practices, traditional affiliations and loyalties prevalent in original geographical locales that may go against theological sanction, a gradual Arabisation of consciousness occurs, along with assimilation to the Arabic world view. In this sense a narrow racial identity is superimposed, oriented towards Makkah, glorifying Arabian culture, mode of dress, food habits, its general ethos, its conventions, the Rule of the Sharia' and also Arabic as the language of the Holy Book (even though they may not understand it personally). This is the fate of the Mawali.

The Mawali made great strides to disregard and destroy everything they cherished to now spend their lives becoming all things Arabic. Their lives are now bound to Arabism through Islam and they are to spend the rest of their lives becoming a better Muslim even if that means living like the 7th century Arab tribal desert dwellers from which Islam spread from. The conquerors imposed propositions that included learning Arabic to communicate with their new god, Allah. Evidently even most ardent Mawali Quranic scholars face difficulties understanding it and constantly contradict themselves. Yet despite the glaring inconsistencies they will form an unprecedented emotional attachment to it, they will claim all knowledge comes from the Quran, will claim it cures diseases and engage in cognitive dissonance.

For Arabs Islam is a national identity, they felt Allah has sent them this religion for their people alone and initially rejected spreading Islam to non Arabs. Islam gave them everything they could possibly want and more. A non practicing Arab Muslim feels closer to Islam than the most pious non Arab Muslim since for Arabs Islam is his/hers and others are simply emulating them to be closer to their Allah. Under Sharia law the Mawali cannot marry Arab women, although an Arab man might marry a Mawali women. It's a hierarchical system in which the Quraysh tribes of the prophet remain the highest and most favored by Allah;

Sahih Bukhari 4.56.704:

Allah's apostle said; "Authority of ruling will remain with Quraysh, and whoever bears hostility to them, Allah will destroy him as long as they abide by the laws of the religion."

Sahih Bukhari 4.56.705:

Narrated Ibn `Umar: The Prophet said, “Authority of ruling will remain with Quraish, even if only two of them remained.

A Mawali's life mission is to blindly follow what Arab rulers say – because only they are the blessed ones to have received Allah’s last message in their own language – and work for propagation of Islam so that an Arab can tomorrow become a Caliph. This is the reason why the more extremist a Mawali, the more likely they are to emulate Arabs while deliberately destroying their own culture and identity. The spread of Wahabbism has brought about a level of Arab-centric domination of non Arab Muslims unseen in modern times (consequent of Arab petro dollars). Simply put, they got money and began to expand the sphere of influence, for the Mawalis this has caused terror, suicide bombings, etc. This pattern has been repeated in much of history, it's the reason religions have caused more death and destruction than any other ideology in human history.

Oddly enough, Arab Muslim countries managed to largely escape unscathed by the horror that has befallen on Mawali nations. For example, a Yemeni Al Qaeda leaders ordered his Mawali extremists to go back to their nations and carry the terror there rather than in Yemen, which has most members of the group yet suffered minor terror attacks in comparison to Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. It's understandable that things were different a thousand years ago, but in this day and age, people are best served by their own critical thinking skills and comprehensive analysis of an ideology. Particularly one that is causing oppression, death and destruction across continents by overzealous and emotionally unstable/immature illiterate men with big beards who are against time itself and romanticize a return to glory days (in which their ancestors were slaves in bloody wars) that they have been told over and over. 

Today Islam remains nothing more than a political agenda for the racial superiority of Arabs and even moderate Muslims are under attack for not being completely pro Arab by Wahabi extremists. The Mawali (the Islamized non Arabs) cannot think independently and freely, their lives are a closed book. Life has been prepackaged for them and they have to followed sets of rules completely alien to them, whereas the exploration of life and its beauty is an open book for non Mawalis worldwide. The enjoyment and fruitfulness of life has been misconstrued as something foreign and out of their bounds. It's an unfortunate and terrible burden to carry. Curtailment of independent analytical thought and mass brainwashing are dangerous combinations regardless of who performs or how it's conducted.  

Entire civilizations have been completely destroyed replaced by oppressive theocratic Islamic governance systems. It's hard to imagine people entirely willingly succumb to a foreign set of rules and rituals, for this reason Islam spread by the sword and maintains by fear and oppression (oppression of the individual, the human soul, and the society) rather than free will.


  1. Thanks for making this blog walaal, alot of Somalis are finally waking up to the arabic nightmare called Islam, I think we have along way to go as Somalis because the Big beared idiots seem to take over our community and brainwash our people with dangerous wahabi ideology, they call our culture a sin and want our people to do everything the arabic way. Yaa naga qabta carab iska yeelyeelkan dadkeena maskaxda ka qabsadey.

  2. who do you censor this blog? :S

  3. You are awesome. More Somalis need to be exposed to this blog. It's sad to see how brainwashed Somalis are. I feel like compare to other African Muslims, we are the only Africans left with some of our culture. We are seeing it die and fade away quickly these last 20 years thanks to the stupid Wahabis. Our parents are more concerned with us learning Arabic than our own language. They care more about us learning the Quran and dressing Arab than seeing us doing the best we can to help our people. the make every Arab Problem their first concern while leaving their own ountry's problem last. How sad and pathtic is this. We should be more like the Persians and fericly fight for our own identity than the Arab/Islamic one. As long as Somals hold on to Islam, I believe we will have nothing left. I hope that never happens :(

    1. Whats left for somalis....Everything is destroyed.

  4. Well said, I'm an Agnostic Pagan(Waaq, Horus, Hoyale, Eebe) etc, i don't worship nor pray to them rather identify with them due to our history.
    Not only are we supposed to read in Arabic but for prayer 5 times a day? I think ever since i was a kid i had a gift for seeing things rationally or pondering through questions. I was raised by a very liberal pacifist sufi father although he was always away trying to do business in several countries. It's the madrasas that are tools for brainwashing ever since a tender age.
    I remember asking one time..Why are we screaming in Arabic and why do we have to memorize when we don't even know what we are saying?
    Ofcourse i was answered in a bad tone as to why im critic.."Arabic" was the language handed down by God, I was even ingrained to think Arabic is the language of heaven. You can see how this develops the psyche of non-arab muslims who never speak nor understand Arabic with regards to the usual praise Mashallah, Alhamdulliah, Walahi etc..
    For Non-arabs we are fed and indoctrinated only enough to be Arab drones. Mohamed is presented as a "Superhero" figure type, the last messenger of God, persecuted but came out victorious. Ofcourse morality, fear, hell are the main themes. Critique is a no-no in Islam and that's how it completely destroys rational thinking and any trace of logic once you're severely brainwashed. That's all you need, Five pillars of Islam, Fear, imitating Arab culture as true Islam, Memorizing the Quran albeit in a foreign language and Jihad(Whether martydom, Spiritual struggle and complete fanatic defense of Islam in any situation.
    Continued below....

  5. Continued from above..

    The more i learn about our Pre-Islamic religion, the more i favor it. Our religion was more about maintain a balance in society, our ancient traditions were highly sophisticated and stressed the balance of feminine and masculine, young and old, spiritual and physical where Eebe-Waaq creates and regulates the existence of all animate and inanimate, material and non-material nature and places them in a well-balanced cosmic order. The interdependence of the dominant and the liminal is considered a precondition for peace and prosperity in both metaphysical and practical sense.

    A matriarchal culture where society balanced based on virtues, being one with nature and paying high tribute to the feminine aspect of everything within God's cosmic order. We are based on a mystical ethics.
    That's why for the most part we have been very liberal in Islam for the past millennia. We were predominantly Sufi and most our traditions were ingrained(Spiritual dances, aspects of God) In fact for a Nomad, Islam played little to no significance to daily life. We never fasted, prayed the Arab way or even ever implemented Shariah, our customary law always took precedence over Shariah.

    But slowly gradually, The Eastern influence was too great to bear as we were virtually sorounded by a whole new faith. so to trade and various institutions, Patriarchy, clans and a lenient form of misogyny started to grow. Most of our dances that survived are actually Pagan honoring nature, God, love through a combination of poetry, dance and folk music. We also have a wide variety of traditional dresses due to our long thriving textile industries and some influences from India/Persia.
    The thing is most of this is being diminished and abandoned because of 30 years of Wahabism and Arabization. Most of our traditions are now looked as "Haram" "Sin" contradicts Islam, Our Solar new year called "Dahabshid" a celebration of fire has been abandoned since the rise of extremism. Our martial arts festivals long forgotten. Segregation of sexes, Our Music "Haram", Certain dances like Niiko(female body dance) "Haram" Cultural clothes abandoned for a strict form of Burqas, Niqab. everything that contradicts or came before Islam has no place.

    Mohamed(Piss be upon him) was a narcissistic, schizophrenic, mass-murdering, slave-trading, rapist and pedophile with an infamous history of myriads of cruelties, killings, plundering, pillages, enslavements, sexual lusts of ludicrous proportion. He and his ilk are no different than Al Shabab, if we detest Al Shabab we detest Islam .

    Personally i think Allah prostates to Waaq, i advocate a secular movement inspired by Amazigh and Persians reclaiming their identities.

    - Guardian and Messenger of Eebe-waaq(Peace and blessings be upon me)

    1. Dhimo and burn in hell you blasphemer!! If you're stupid enough to leave this beautiful diin that's your business but what always astonishes me is those that bow down to their gaalo masters and disrespect the beautiful religion of islam. May Allah punish you in this life and the next!

    2. Beautiful dean????? LOL your prophet Mohamed was a pedophile yes a pedophile he married aisha at the age of 6 and fucked her at the age of 9, your beloved prophet murdered all the critics and anyone that questioned his bullshit prophecy, he plagiarized pegan beliefs and murdered them to extinction and destroyed their books and anything relate to peganism. You're the ones that's stupid enough to follow this bullshit religion of terror!

  6. geeldoon
    adopted culture creates confusion but own culture drives natives to be self-confident. somalias high culture doomed when the odd culture poured from the middle east to the horn of africa- our people began gradually to lose identity . imported words and thoughts conquered our minds. call your son samatar or your daughter hodan then neighbours will laugh and sneer at you. my people look down upon me when they hear my name- geeldoon. some advised me to change my name to mohamed so i can feel proud and swim in paradise after life-

  7. ^ You should always be proud that you had race conscious parents. Ethnic names are ve important to one's identity. i an a teenager but since i have recently fellin love with Somalinimo. I will name all my children ethnic Somali names. Ever since Wahabism Somali society which was once liberal, apolitical highly tolerant has gone back 100 years in terms of social and moral progression.

  8. geeldoon
    examples of male wanqal names: bile, hanad, deeq, janan, dalmar, shire, waaberi, kaynaan, ayaanle, mataan, guuleed,
    calas, geedi, caynaanshe, qorane, shirwac, warsame,kaahiye, barre, hayaan, barqadle, waasuge, guutaale, etc.
    female wanqal: bilan, hodan, ubax, deeqo, filsan, dalsan, idil, warsan, falis, kaaho, ceebla, qoran, ayaan, dheeh, dheeman, haboon, baxsan, ladan, etc.

    1. Thanks, Geeldoon. I think your name is wonderful. somalis with arabic names have always been one of my peeves. christians at least retain one ethnic name. but muslims in their eagerness to arabize will sport 3 full Arabic names with no irony or shame. its madness, these people are running away from their culture & identity. one can always tell a non arab muslim because they always have a narrow pool of generic arab names like mohamed, ali, hussien, hassan, abdullahi, etc while the arab has much larger repertoire to choose from by virtue of his familiarity with his language and culture. recalling somali names is much easier than inelegant arabic ones plus the tongue picks them up easily. in this era of terrorism it would have been advantageous not to have terrorist sounding names. i have to agree with churchill when he said " How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!. running from your identity is surely one.

  9. Today is the annual eid celebration day and mUslims are celebrating it all over the world and non arab muslims are most fanatic about it as usual

    I wonder how many of them even know eid is an ancient pagan ritual from the pre islamic era?? such brainwashed fools, there is no hope for these people!!!

    eid is like the annual arabization renewal where non arabs all dress and greet and do all things arabic for a few days and they congratulate each other for this!!!

  10. Hi guys!
    most of the guys in here are ignorant, coz you don't know about your background. go learn about how somalia use to be before islam and what happened after islam came to somalia. don't hate on arabs, they are just human being, there are good arabs and bad arabs. so don't hate islam becouse of the arabs. fear allah and remember you will all die one day and put in a grave. who will help you in the grave? waaq or the other gods you mentioned or? go back to your religion and learn about it instead of writing nonsens in here.

  11. Everyone in this blog is talking about how Arabs are influencing Somalis and how they are culturally dominating them, but has anyone here taken a step back and looked how their views are very much western. the religion here is an cawaan religion, where one of the customs was that the priest would 'sample' the newly wed brides on their wedding night before handing them back to their new husbands. The Somali identity arose with Islam its an inherent part of our culture. And finally the Arabs never had real influence in Somali regions, otherwise why is it that the Arabs in Somalia do not speak Arabic as their 1st language. the people here do not know their history and instead are fabricating it.

  12. Somalia was never arabised it was islamizied. We still retain our culture lol I bet all you kafirs have never set foot in somalia Are Muslim parents still tell us stories that are older then Islam like big ears lol and you have the cheek to spread fallacies about Our country you spew regurgitated bile youve been spoonfed by antiislamic sites

  13. Interesting...you fools are arguing about who is the ear and who is the mouth of a donkey. Somalia is the classic example of fail state, fail people, and fail culture. Those who argue for Arabs are as spoon feed as those who argue for western ideology, but the truth of the matter is which ideology could save our people from this destructive path that we are on. Few more years on this path their would be no somalia or somalis and will all have nothing but time to discuss history of waaq and allah.

  14. Fuck Islam long live somaliweyn and waaq religion

  15. Lett us go back to our rotsaker! ! Somali religion for somalis.

  16. All kushites should be waaq, as all Semites follow an abrahamic religion. Its like, Semites in general have conquered the cushites through their religion. The habesha and Arabs made the oromo choose a side, while Somalis have just been fully colonized. Waaq predates all, the ancient Egyptians practiced it. Im oromo, and yes my peers sometimes make fun of my name. They feel theirs is better because it's Arab or Amharic.