"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are we inherently Islamic?

Islam CAME to us and we did not SEEK it. As was said in an earlier posting, the religion you have will largely depend on where you were born and whom your parents worshipped. Now let us take a look at how Islam came to us and how our people adopted a religion that is entirely foreign to us with foreign culture, language, history, and political philosophy.

Islam came to us with brutal violence and forced conversions by psychologically intense Arabs with substantial wealth who felt they were gaining keys to a place called "Heaven" that their own Arabic god named "Allah" had promised to them if they converted as many people as possible, conquered them, claim their lands as Muslims lands - not vice versa as is evident even today - and robbed them blind by claiming whatever knoweldge they had possessed as Islamic knowledge. Conquered people were converted to Islam through sheer force and they became Muslims by the sword. Fears instilled in their hearts keep many of them Muslims to this day. Fear plays a significant role in one's life in Islam and without fear Islam would cease to exist. Fear of the vengeful "Allah".

Egypt was once a thriving civilization but today reduced to a mere Islamic country. Iran, the mighty Persian empire, is now another corrupt Islamic country with oppressive regimes and lack of social progress. Once oil runs out these countries will become war zones.

Today most non Arab Musims don't know why they're Muslims. They just now that they have to addhere to these totally foreign norms and folkways. They don't dare question it because the very thought is unIslamic. The more likely that they're uneducated, the more they're staunchly pro Islamic. If they leave Islam they would likely be killed as it is part of the religion to kill apostates. Another fear is that of family and peers.

Muslims should start realising that their forefathers were forced into this blood thirsty cult by blood and sword and that they now have the freedom to think clearly, to reason logically, to be educated and think critically, to thoroughly examine these ancient superstitions, and to find out who they are and who they were in an effort to assist their own people's future well being. Praying to a black stone in Saudi Arabia for over a thousand years has had no benefit at all. Muslims have become the shame of the world. Muslims make Islam appear nothing more than a mental disease. In essence, we're not inherently Islamic, but we are made to think as though we are. Truth be told.

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