"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Faith? Merry Christmas!

Faith is that which cannot be proven factually or otherwise it wouldn't be called "Faith". It's the believe in the unknown. When there was limited knowledge in the world, such as the antiquated yet fundamental believe that the Earth is flat, faith reigned supreme. Faith is present in the absence of logic. Logic is intellectual agility.

So today many people around the world will congregate in old buildings and celebrate the birthday of a man whom they know nothing about except that which had been put into them by their parents. They will say Merry Christmas! Merry Delusion is more appropriate.

I haven't found any religious clergy that is worthy of respect. In my opinion the entirety of all theological organizations are corrupted because they have been built on foundations of delusional faith. It is a fraud and it is time it was exposed for that. When will the civilizations and world move into the future free of superstition? I challenge any theologian to show any evidence that faith is anything more than delusional superstitious behavior.

I don't care what you believe but don't lie to me and yourself about being in possession of the truth. Faith, that is the biggest lie. Salvation is the second biggest lie. To claim the moral high ground, and claim to know the truth and all activity that surround the dogmas, and the fraud of religion, must all be exposed to the scrutiny of logic. They will fail every test but the faithful brainwashed robots of every denomination will remain faithful. It's all they know and they can't let it go. Merry Delusion indeed!

And, suicide bombers say all that is needed to be said of Islam. Islamic suicide bombers are just good pets for Allah because Allah will give them 72 vagina snacks in Janna (Islamic orgy paradise full of bearded perverts and naked over fertile Arab women just for their sexual needs). What a nice promise from Allah. I'm sure Allah has a strict quota, and since Muslims pray to most merciful Allah all the time, he must feel really encouraged.


  1. may Allah curse you...and I have a PERFECTLY good idea of who exactly you are...LOL you are truly pathetic!!

  2. I suppose it depends of your definition of "proof". But in the end it's a very old discussion. Suspicion goes with faith. I agree that the whole sexist god who promises virgins to murderers is sort of weird. I think I will go a lifetime trying to understand IT.