"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Religion of Peace™

During Islam's holiest days of 2009, devout believers carried out 203 terror attacks in 16 countries, leaving at least 735 dead and 1,125 injured. The followers of Muhammad's crazed-cult committed most of these crimes against fellow Muslims.

Islam, synonymous with violence, is a barbaric cult of death and destruction with paganistic rituals like the stoning of walls, praying to a black stone, and the Hajj. Pagans performed the Hajj for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years before Islam. In fact, Allah was one of 300 "Gods" that the ancient Arabs had worshipped. Muhammad came with the idea that only Allah among the three hundred is worthy and the rest are no longer to be worshipped. Allah was the moon God of the Arabs, hence the half moon crescent of Islam's symbol.

Although all religions are clearly man-made most do contain varying degrees of paganism. For example, what Christians call Communion which is drinking blood had been practiced in paganism thousands of years before Christ. The foundations of Islam are purely paganistic. Some Muslims, out of ignorance, claim that Islam existed before ethnic paganism. The God of Islam is anthropomorphic and shares palpable similarities with the local culture in terms of basic emotion, attitude, and all behavioral aspects.

In Islam, fear is central theme. Fear Allah the wise the mighty and the creator of all things who requires one to be fearful of him at all times. Fear of his cruel punishment. Fear of his followers. Fear, fear and more fear. The killers (martyrs) are fearful of Allah only. They'll claim Allah is so great that nothing else matters. No true religion had ever existed in all of the religions of the world. They all have flaws but Islam's flaws prove to be of catastrophic proportions. No true religion would sanction the killing of those who leave the religion, those who have other religions or seek world domination, as Islam propagates.

These scriptures are susceptible to corruption. The sects within Islam each considers the other to be totally wrong. The Shia, the Sunni, the Wahabbi each views the other with contempt, unaware that this proves the notion that Islam is pure, to be baseless, as is the saying "religion of peace."

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