"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kill yourself and others for Allah

They call this "Shuhaada" in which a mass murderer is placing himself/herself in the front seat of Allah's heaven where killers are (allegedly, no facts whatsoever as no one has ever come back from dead) rewarded with all sorts of Earthly rewards including wine, women (72 - all proven virgin by Allah!), sweets and other assortments of the prefered kind by men of the ancient Mid Eastern desert tribes. There has been no confirmation of any type whether female suicide bombers will also receive 72 virgin men each, although the mere mention and question would most likely warrant death. This is the reason why almost all suicide bombers are young males. There is no clear explanation as to whether a male suicide bomber who has had more than 72 virgin females on Earth would be offered additional virgins to either match or surpass previous numbers. Regardless, no better way to get closer to Allah than mass murder.

The killer is talking about great battles that have allegedly taken place in the area in which he claims that 700 Muslims outnumbered 3,000 mushrikiin (kufars.) Islam is full of similar stories about "great battles" obviously designed to motivate the brainwashed gullible fools. Well-crafted legendary stories of Islamic figures or small group of Muslim fighters overcoming powerful opponents. The youth would later emulate the heroic fighters one of which the Islamic terrorist in the video mentions. They romanticise about following the footsteps of great "Muslim warriors" to get to the Janna.

Question a Muslim apologist about Islam's atrocities and you'll hear the same old tired phrases over and over; that it's not the religion - it's the people interpreting it wrongly, read the Quran and you'll learn and "understand" the truth. (Does anybody ever truly understand this ever so intricate religion that nobody ever gets including its most devout followers?) That the West created these images to damage the stellar image of Islam, that other religions did the same in their prime, that it's a wartime effort (when is Islam not in war?) etc, etc, etc, repeated like a broken record.

We are evil for questioning these horrible Islamic terrorist crimes and atrocities and that is precisely the point of contention with the so-called "moderate Muslims" and their pathetic attempt to hide Islam from what it truly is - an incoherent set of rules set by whomever it suits at whichever time for immediate gains of power and prestige. In fairness, Islam shares these traits with other "religions" past and present.

We are somehow worse than the terrorists just for speaking out and denouncing these awful scriptures that brainwash the poor and the ignorant to commit mass murder. We are just filthy non believers so we don't have a say and/or we don't know what we're talking about even if we have studied the religion in our childhood and, know more about it than they do in some instances, are also concerned about the bloodshed in the name of false ancient mythological supernatural beings and other superstitious medieval pagan rituals by the brainwashed. We are better off dead as far as they're concerned. Islam's constant state of war and oppression diluted their analytical capabilities.

This brainwashed lunatic in this video has been led to believe that if he goes back to his homeland and kills people he would be sent to a fictional location called "Janna" by fictional character known as "Allah". It's not his fault. His parents raised him to believe such false stories. Giddigeen Cumar Mutallab!

So many people have died and suffer needlessly because of Islam. Should we declare an all out war on Islam and erase it from the face of the Earth before it does to others?


  1. I just saw this today and instantly thought of you. Just as I figured, you've already taken note.
    Saaxiib waxaan rajaynaya inaad fiicantahay.

  2. Mahadsanid walaal. Guul baan kuu rageynayaa.

    The power of brainwashing is scary when it involves evil crimes.

  3. Whoever wrote all these lies, propaganda and evil about Islam will suffer in this life and hereafter tremendously.

  4. What lies? What propaganda? The above video is real and not altered in any way, shape, or form. We couldn't make this stuff up, we're just not that talented at creating illusions. The man in the video is explicit in his thirst for blood. He went to Saudi Arabia to cement the demented "beliefs" they've bestowed upon him and subsequently when to his native land to kill and be killed. That is basically what the story is about.

    The killings - which you obviously don't consider evil - are worse than exposing them which is what this blog is all about and it is also what angers many MOOSELUMS. Your threats won't work here.