"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Timeline; 1300 Years of Islamic Warfare and Slavery

Muslims under fascism rules conjured by the 6th century desert tribes marvel at and like to hear the super human strength of Mohamed. They love to hear about how great he was and never question the validity of the stories as they cannot question them (punishable by death). If Mohamed was violent and neurotic in nature as per his actions then he simply could not have had super human strengths. He was weak and emotionally unstable and fell prey to the urges of the primitive man - blood, treasure, etc. Hardly saintly.

Allah changes his mind and bends his own rules to appease Mohamed and correlate with his wishes and desires with regard to women and warfare. Therefore it's not surprising followers of Islam interpret Islam capriciously as well to suit their own desires in gaining power and prestige just like the "prophet". "The religion of peace" is still in the dark ages with fear, oppression, violence, and sex being central theme. Why would Allah - a supposed supreme being - entice the primitive man with sex (all 72 virgin Xuural Cayn) to kill and loot and destroy?

There has never been a shred of evidence indicating or suggesting in anyway that there is such a thing as Allah. It's all a lie, a make belief, and if Allah exists then what does that say about him choosing a person of weak moral character and clear sociopath as his messenger? Beheading people is patently immoral and is expected of a degenerate and soul-less miscreant. Ask a Muslim to prove Allah's existence and you're likely to hear the same old silly questions, such as; who created you? How did the mountains form? Who makes earthquakes? How did the lizard reproduce? Etc, etc. All which, of course, have nothing to do with the question posed, let alone answer it.

In analysing the Quran the relationship between Allah and Mohamed is very peculiar to say the least. For example, Allah changed his own rules when Mohamed married the daughter of his adopted son who was not Muslim, thus making it legal for Muslim men to marry non Muslim women but not vice versa. In the Quran, Allah and Mohamed are essentially two buddies and in some instances Allah appears nothing more than Mohamed's alter ego. Ask a Somali person about this man they've never met or seen and they'll go on and on about how he was super human. All based on what they have been brainwashed with and cannot produce a single factual basis for their delusions and grandiosity about the mad man of the 6th century Arabia.

Both Mohamed and Allah behave in ways consistent with the psyche of the locals, but even at that time it would have been hard to believe such principles being from elsewhere around the world. In many corners of the world the actions of the prophet of Islam would have been frowned upon. The trademark of Muslims' actions, thinking, emotion, reason and logic is purely that of the locale of its conception. This is true of all religions and religion is nothing more than a mass delusional superstitious behavior from the dark ages when there was hardly any knowledge beyond that. It was the means in which the primitive man explained that which he could not understand, to govern, to control. In Somalia, during Waaq worshipping times people had lived relatively peaceful not just with themselves but also with other groups of the area. However, with the advent and introduction of Islam came war, ignorance, extreme poverty and utter backwardness that continue to this date.

With Mohamed came a life of war and misery for those unfortunate enough to have been brainwashed by the new religion. He had left a trail of blood and destruction across continents in a pattern similar to that of Genghis Khan. A timeline of bloodbath follows and surely Muslims take pride in the catastrophically flawed actions dictated by their book, the Quran. They suffer needlessly out of ignorance and in the false assumption that a big Arabic man named Allah living just above the clouds would be pleased with them, and that they will all be rewarded by him for their heinous crimes against their fellow human beings. A person is Muslim purely based on fear and without fear there would be no Islam. It has been that way for 1300 years, although of late few have ventured outside this dark room called Islam, the religion of peace, as it were.

A timeline

3rd-6th centuries The eastern Roman Empire and the Persian Sassanians, the superpowers of their time, wear each other down in continuous conflict for the domination of Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. They dismiss the desert fleas of the Arab Peninsula as insignificant barbarians.

With Mohamed came a horrible sustained misery;

624 Jihad allowed.[i] Mohammed leads or commands 65 military campaigns in ten years.[ii]

624 Mohammed leads and commands the Battle of Badr[iii] against the Meccans. Allah tells Mohammed, ""It behoveth not a prophet that he should have captives until he hath greatly slaughtered in the land."[iv]”[v] Some sources say that 22 prisoners are beheaded “by the hand of Ali”.[vi]

625 Mohammed leads and commands the Battle of Uhud[vii]

626 Mohammed command the “action against Banu Nazair”[viii]

627 Mohammed leads and commands the battle of the Trench[ix]

C. 627 Mohammed declares that Jews are “are a people without understanding…transformed into apes and swine…racing each other in sin and rancor…. Evil indeed are their works.”[x] This is the point, according to modern Islamic extremists, at which a worldwide war between Jews and Moslems began.

627 The arch angel Gabriel, speaking on behalf of Allah orders Mohammed to command an attack against the Jewish Banu Quraiza. After the Banu Quraiza surrendered, all the men were beheaded, the women and children taken as slaves, and the property distributed as booty.[xi], [xii], [xiii]

629 Mohammed leads and commands the Battle of Khaibar[xiv]

629 Mohammed sends out his “invitations” to the kings[xv]

629 Mohammed commands a troop of 3,000 to attack Mootah[xvi], the first attack of Islam against an Arab-Christian outpost of the Byzantine Empire[xvii]--and the first excused by the deliberate instigation of Mohammed’s “invitations”

630 Mohammed leads the Conquest of Mecca[xviii]

630 The Battle of Hunayn—the last battle Mohammed led personally. Though the battle was an embarrassment for the Moslems, Mohammed stayed on the field after most others had fled and continued to rally his fleeing troops to return to the field of battle.[xix], [xx],[xxi]

631 Expedition to Tabuk[xxii]

632 Mohammed, on his deathbed, orders Usama to head north and attack the Syrian province of the Byzantine Empire[xxiii]

632 Mohammed’s death

632-661 The reign of four men, four caliphs, whose example must be followed by true Moslems—Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali, the “companions of the prophet”, the founding fathers of Islam. All were warriors and conquerors

633-640 Muslim Arabs conquered Syria[xxiv]

634 Battle of the Bridge—beginning of conquest of Iraq[xxv]

637 Battle of Al-Qadisiyyah—Arabs defeat Sasanian Persians and sack their capital Ctesiphon, the home base of Nestorian Christianity—conquest of most of Iraq[xxvi]

637 Conquest of Christian and Jewish Jerusalem[xxvii]

642 The battle of Navahand[xxviii]—Islam completes its conquest of Persia/Iran and Iraq[xxix] and eases its conquest of India and Egypt, and Afghanistan

639-642 The Arab conquest of Egypt, only some 20 years after the rise of Islam[xxx]

640 Islam begins to penetrate Sudan.

642 Afghanistan—“The Muslim conquest of Afghanistan began in the 7th cent.”[xxxi] With the defeat of the Sassanid Persians at the Battle of Navahand.

642-705 The conquest of North Africa—the Maghreb (Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria)[xxxii]

c. 650-c. 950 Arabs and Persians establish trading posts in Somalia.

674 Islam establishes colony in Sumatra

705 The Jewish Western Sudanese Queen Dahia-Al Kahina,[xxxiii] dies after fighting against the Arab incursion in North Africa, driving the Arab army northward into Tripolitania. Other wives of African kings committed suicide to avoid falling into the hands of the Berbers and Arabs who showed no mercy to the people who would not be converted to Islam.

711-712 Moslem traders and invaders bring Islam to India and Pakistan at Sind.[xxxiv], [xxxv], [xxxvi]

711-713 Conquest of Spain and short-term occupation of southwestern France[xxxvii] in 711, a Muslim Berber army under Tarik ibn Ziyad[xxxviii] crossed the Strait of Gibraltar into Spain, Roderick, the last Visigothic king, was defeated, and his kingdom collapsed.[xxxix]

718 Moslem invasion of Aquitaine[xl] and Provence.[xli]

732-733 Charles Martel defeats Saracens at battle of Tours, France[xlii]

750 Islam penetrates southeast Asia through Aceh[xliii]

751 Battle of Talas—Islam vs China—Islam wins against China’s Imperial Army as that Army tries to take Kabul and Kashmir[xliv]

c. 750 Arabs begin to use the area of Mombassa—before that city exists-- as an export center for ivory and slaves.

c. 750 “The call of Islam reached Central Asia and South Caucasus Mountains in the eighth century. At that time the whole of Central Asia(except Northern part of Kazakhstan) and Caucasus came under Muslim Rule.”[xlv]

800 Islamic traders in Kenya intermarry with local girls.

900 Arabs control most of Northwest India.[xlvi]

900s--Mogadishu in Somalia still "consisted of a loose federation of Arab and Persian families"[xlvii]

922 Volga Bulgaria is converted to Islam by Baghdad missionary Ahmad ibn Fadlan.[xlviii]

c. 950 More Arabs arrive in Aceh, Indonesia[xlix]

979-1030 Mahmud of Ghazna—an Afghan Moslem-- attacks India repeatedly, destroys temples, forces conversions to Islam, and carries off slaves and booty[l]

c. 1050 Moslem, Japanese, and Chinese merchant ships begin to raid the coasts of the Philippines.[li]

c. 1050 Islamic traders establish the port of Mombassa in Eastern Africa. It’s prime exports? Ivory and slaves.

c. 1050 Islamic conquests in Nigeria.

1071 Byzantine defeat at Manzikert. Turkey—the breadbasket of the Byzantine empire, taken by Moslems.[lii]

1164 Saladin mounts three campaigns against the Crusaders.[liii]
1174 Saladin conquers Damascus

1200 Turks reach Bengal and turn it into an Islamic center by converting Hindus[liv]. [lv]

1200s Mogadishu in Somalia turns from a territory run by a loose coalition of Arab and Persian families to a Sultanate run by the Fakhr ad-Din dynasty[lvi]

1250 Aceh becomes first foothold and Sultanate of Islam in the Indonesian archipelago[lvii], [lviii]

1250???-1571 Islamic traders establish trading cities, sultanates, in the Philippines…Manila is one of them.[lix]

1326 The Chagatayid Khan Tarmashirin converts to Islam. In the Chagatai Khanate, Tarmashirin converts to Islam. Chagatai Khanate= the five Central Asian states and Northern Iran[lx] his conversion paved the way to the overall Islamization of the Chaghadaids Arabic, Persian, and Turkic sources stress the importance of his islamization to the establishment of Islam among the Mongols of the Chaghadaid Khanate, (1) some of these same sources simultaneously suggest that the rebellion against Tarmashirin that resulted in his depositon was caused by his Islamic policies. (2) Was Tarmashirin, then, both the one who brought Islam to the Chaghadaids and the victim of his own success?[lxi]

1330 Oz Beg (Uzbek), Khan of the Golden Horde, converts to Islam, spreading Islam through most of central and northern Asia—from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kirghizia to Siberia[lxii]--often by continuing and consolidating Genghis Khan’s conquests in the form of what the conquered and subjugated Russians called a holy war[lxiii]

1331 Ibn Battutah, the great traveler from Algeria, visits Mombassa.

c. 1350 “In the 14th cent. Arab traders from Malay and Borneo introduced Islam into the southern islands [of the Philippines] and extended their influence as far north as Luzon.”[lxiv]

1389 Moslem Turks defeat the Hungarians at Kosovo and begin gobbling the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe[lxv]

1396 Turks take Nikopol, a key trade and mining center in the Ukraine[lxvi]

c. 1400 Moslem raiding parties from the Southern Philippine sultanates establish the practice of raiding the Philippines northern islands for slaves.[lxvii] The daughters of the slaves are encouraged to convert to Islam and to marry Islamic Moros. Moslem Filipinos, some converted by Arab missionaries from cities like Baghdad, establish a practice of regular raiding—“piracy”.

1400 King of Malacca (Melaka) converts peacefully to Islam and takes the Malay Peninsula with him. The benefit—Malacca becomes the world’s greatest trade center.[lxviii], [lxix]

c. 1414-1450 King of Malacca extends his sway over Malay Peninsula, Mindanao, and Singapore.

1405 Sufi traders inject Islam even further into the Philippines[lxx]

1444 Turks take Varna—an East Bulgarian ship making and trading center on the Black Sea[lxxi]

1457 Royal Court of Kingdom of Patani covering the 3 modern Thai provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat[lxxii], converts to Islam.[lxxiii]

c. 1450-1550 Arab migration to Indonesia spreading from base of Sumatran colony.

1453 Moslem conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad.[lxxiv]

1463 Ottoman Turks conquer Bosnia.

1509 The second Portuguese viceroy of the Indian Ocean, Alfonso de Albuquerque, learned that Malacca was both a stronghold of Islam and the key to the spice trade, so in 1509 he sent four ships to check out the port. If he wanted an incident with the Malays he got one; while the Portuguese were touring the city the sultan ordered his guards to attack them, killing sixty men and destroying one ship before the rest got away. One officer who distinguished himself in this battle was Ferdinand Magellan.[lxxv]

1511 Two years later Albuquerque personally led a fleet of nineteen ships to Malacca. The Malaccan force outnumbered the Portuguese by a factor of 15 to 1, but the superior technology of Portuguese ships and cannon prevailed, and Malacca fell after a six-week siege. To prevent any trouble with the powerful mainland states to the north (remember Siam's claim to all of Malaya), Albuquerque immediately sent embassies to Ayutthaya and Pegu, and diplomatic relations with both kingdoms got off to a good start. Afterwards Portugal sent expeditions to the Moluccas (1512), China (1513), and Japan (1543), securing trade with all of those places.


1518 Barbarossa becomes admiral of the seaborne Jihad—the Mediterranean Islamic fleet.

1526 Battle of Panipat establishes Moghul dominance of Delhi and Agra, creating the base for a Moghul Empire in India that would last until 1857[lxxvii]

1526 Pest, in Hungary, falls to the Turks[lxxviii]

1530 onward the Somali Imam Ahmed Ibraham al-Ghazi pulls off many a victory in trying to take Christian Abyssinia. The Abyssinians call on the Portuegese for help.[lxxix]

1530-1780 In the opinion of Dr. Mohsin Farooqi, “Europe [was] under Muslim Rule.” More than a million Europeans are taken as slaves by the Islamic Navy of Jihad from Sicily, Cornwall, Ireland, Lundy (which the Moslems conquered and established as an Islamic base), the north Devon coast, the south and west coasts of England, the coast of France and Brittany, Ile de Groix, the Biscay coast, Portugal, and Spain.[lxxx], [lxxxi] Slaves had a higher market value in the Islamic world at the time than plunder.[lxxxii], [lxxxiii], [lxxxiv] “Father Pierre Dan, a priest who negotiated ransoms, described the selling of an Irish family at the slave mart. ‘It was a piteous sight to see them exposed for sale at Algiers…when they parted the wife from the husband, and the father from the child.’”[lxxxv]

1538 “In 1538, the Turkish Navy defeated the combined naval force of Spain, Venice (Italy) and Pope, a number of times. This made them master of Mediterranean Sea.”

1539 Sher Khan, an Afghan, defeats the Moghul Emperor Humayan and temporarily takes control of the Moghul Empire in India[lxxxvi]

1541 Buda in Hungary is conquered by the Turks[lxxxvii]

1542 the Somali Imam's troops trying to conquer Abyssinia are sent running and the Imam of Somalia leading the onslaught is killed.[lxxxviii]

1571 Battle of Lepanto--one of the biggest naval battles in history. 200 war galleys from a combined Spanish, Venetian, Italian, and papal navy, ships carrying 30,000 fighters, defeat the Islamic fleet of the Ottomans, killing or capturing 15,000 Moslem naval warriors and liberating 10,000 Christian galley slaves. The Christians destroy almost the entire Islamic Mediterranean navy. But it is speedily rebuilt and the Moslem navy returns to its position as a ruling force in the Mediterranean Sea.

1571 head of the Moslems of the Philippines is killed in Manila, possibly by Spanish imperialists

1575-1769 Redemptionist priests purchase the freedom of 15,500 Christian slaves taken in raids on European lands by the Navy of the Islamic Jihad. Most of those taken go unransomed, are beaten, bloodied, broken and are sold and resold from Algiers to Egypt, Ethiopia, Arabia, and Turkey.[lxxxix]

1575 Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, is captured as a galley slave for the Navy of the Islamic Jihad and loses the use of one hand.[xc]

1576 Bangladesh (Bengal), already in Moslem hands, is conquered by the Moghul emperor Akhbar.[xci] [xcii]

c. 1580-c. 1880 War over Philippines between Moslems and Spaniards.

1600-1700 Spain and Italy lose 20% of their population in naval raids carried out by the Islamic corsairs.[xciii]

1605 Moghul empire stretches from Afghanistan to the Deccan Plateau in India.

1622-1644 7,000 English abducted from British beaches and from ships by the Islamic Navy of Jihad.

1631 Islamic Navy of Jihad raids Baltimore in Ireland, sacking the town and capturing most of the inhabitants as slaves.[xciv], [xcv]

1640 Islamic Navy of Jihad mounts repeated attacks on Cornwall and enslaves 3,000 inhabitants in a year.

1628-1634 The Islamic Navy in the Mediterranean takes 80 French ships and enslaves 1,331 European men and women. “Beautiful women were given as gifts to the sultan, for his harem.[xcvi] Gunners, seamen, and shipbuilders were especially prized as slaves.”[xcvii]

1636 The Navy of the Islamic Jihad in the Mediterranean captures over 1,000 Englishmen in a mere six months. “When a Barbary galley drew alongside a Christian vessel, as many as 100 Janissaries swarmed aboard the Christian vessel and overpowered the crew.”[xcviii]

1650 The Sultan of Oman, Sultan bin Sayf, expels the Portuguese.[xcix]

1670 in Somalia "The Kadi administering Islamic law was at this time a Hawiye Somali whose predecessors, from about 1670, had been Sayyids from Arabia. ...The main exports were slaves, ivory, hides, horns, ghee, and gums. On the coast itself Arab divers were active collecting sponge cones. And provisions were cheap.[c]

1677 the Wolof tribes in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Northern Guinea on the Atlantic coast of Africa are conquered and forced to accept Islam. (http://www.wagateway.org/people.htm)

1683 Battle of Vienna--Ottoman Empire ceases to be Europe's only superpower--but becomes a major power whose influence can make or break alliances[ci]

1690 The Turks drive the Austrians out of Bulgaria and Transylvania and retake Belgrade and Nis (in Montenegro)[cii]

1717 The discovery of gold on the banks of the Oxus during the reign of Peter the Great, together with the desire of Russia to open a trade route to India, prompted an armed trade expedition to the region, led by Prince Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky, and consisting of 4,000 men. Upon receiving the men the Khan set up camp under the pretense of goodwill, then ambushed and slaughtered the envoys, leaving ten alive to send back. Peter the Great, indebted after wars with the Ottoman Empire and Sweden, did nothing.[ciii] Before his conversion to Christianity Prince Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky's name had been Devlet Kizden Mirza. He came from a line of Kabardian rulers. As a boy he had been stolen by Nogai tribesmen. He fell into the hands of the Russians when Russian troops under Vassily Golitsin besieged the town of Azov[civ]

1729 Moslems yank Mombassa in Kenya from Portuguese hands

1736 Nadir Shah declares himself Shah of Iran

1738 Nadir Shah invades Afghanistan and takes its capital, Kandahar. Then he invades India, attacks Delhi, and carries off unbelievable amounts of loot, including the Peacock Throne and the 108 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond[cv]

1758 Ahmad Shah loots Delhi

1764: Conversion to Islam of Areadi Gaya, ruler of Futa Toro--a Fulani area in Senegal. "Fulani consider themselves the “holder of the torch” of Islam and have historically forced other ethnic groups into Islam through “jihad.”[cvi]

1800—roughly. The Sultan of Oman becomes the "protector" of Mogadishu in Somalia.[cvii]

1804 The jihad of Usman dan Fodio establishes the Sokoto caliphate in Northern Nigeria[cviii]

1814 the governor of Mombasa invites the British to protect its indendence--and Mogadishu's-- from the Omani Sultanate.[cix]

1824 Sultan Sa'id ibn Sultan of Oman moves his capital from Muscat on the Arabian Peninsula to Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa. Zanzibar then becomes famous for its prime export—slaves.[cx]

1828 The Brits are driven out of Mombasa, in 1828 and don't bother to return.[cxi]

1843 Somalia’s Mogadishu, in ruins because of plague and famine, is ruled by the representatives of the Sultan of Zanzibar. These representatives are "an old Arab with an Indian assistant as tax collector"[cxii]

1846 Sultan of Zanzibar controls all the Benadir ports of Eastern Africa. [cxiii]

???Bandu State in West Sudan.

1820-1862 El Hadj Umar Tal in Senegal gets his childhood education in madrassa, goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1820, then becomes the Caliph of the Tijaniyya brotherhood, and mounts a jihad that conquers both black unbelievers and other small Islamic states in the neighborhood. 70,000 die in just three of his battles. But in 1862 he finally creates an empire--the Toucouleur Caliphate??--that includes Guinea and Senegal

1830-1857 Haji Shariatullah in Bengal returns from a pilgrimage to Mecca, starts a fundamentalist movement, tells the Bengalis that they are degraded and that the answer to their difficulties lies in shunning un-Islamic practices and adhering to the purity of the Koran

1828 Romania breaks free of Islamic rule.[cxiv]

1832 Slaves in Manchester, Jamaica, led by a slave named Muhammad Kaba, mount a Jihad against their masters. They are inspired by the writings on Jihad that justified the Sokoto Jihad in Nigeria[cxv]

1840 The Sultan of Zanzibar takes control of Mombassa.[cxvi]

1857 The Sultan of Zanzibar lends a boat to the English explorers Burke and Speke. Five months later they make it 600 miles inland and enter Tabora, a settlement founded by Arabs as a slave-trading depot.[cxvii] This is by no means the only Arab slave-trading town founded deep in the interior of Africa by Arab slave traders. Ujiji, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, was another.

1865 David Livingstone sees the slaughter of between 300 and 400 villagers by slave traders and writes a vivid letter about it that creates outrage in Britain and inspires the British to stop the slave-raiding and slave-trading controlled from Zanzibar.[cxviii], [cxix]

1871 British Parliament, outraged by Stanley’s letter, threatens a naval blockade of Zanzibar and forces the Sulta to close his slave market.[cxx]

1874-1876 The Sultan of Somalia, Sultan Dhahar, attacks Christian Abyssinia and expels the Christians of Galgala, destroying their churches[cxxi], [cxxii]

1878 Daghestan, Georgia and Armenia are taken from Islamic hands,[cxxiii] presumably by Russians. Russians also take Bessarabia from Islamic hands after a Moslem rule of 600 years.[cxxiv]

1896 Italy is hungry for East African territory. The Italian Consul to Zanzibar mounts a 17-man expedition to feel out the Shebelle River in Somalia. The group is attacked by Somali tribesment and wiped out. Only three of seventeen Italians manage to return to the Consulate.[cxxv]

1897 the Italians try again and form "the Benadir Company" to control areas of Somalia. It fails in 1905. [cxxvi]

c. 1955 Moslems from Saudi Arabia and other parts of the worldwide Ummah protest the fact that the Moslem population of the Philippines has second-class status in a Christian-dominated country and pour oil dollars into the scholarships for Islamic students to study in Saudi Arabia, into the establishment of Saudi-style schools, into attendance by Philippine Moslems of international Islamic conferences, and into armaments for the Philippine’s Moslems.[cxxvii]

1960 Encouraged by the Saudis and by other Arab countries, the Moslems of the Philippines demand “independence”.

1968 Founding of The Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines and the beginning of a battle for Moslem “autonomy” that would leave 50,000 dead, and would be backed by Libya and Iran.[cxxviii]

1976 Pakistan’s Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announces his plan to build an ‘Islamic Bomb’, “a bomb for defense of all Islamic Countries.”[cxxix]

1985 Dr. Ali Mohammed Naqvi publishes a book destined to become an Internet hit, Islam and Nationalism. In it, Naqvi outlines a philosophy of world conquest. He writes, “Nationalism divides human society into limited and independent units…But Islam addresses all of mankind as a single unit. Its system is not for a nation, but for the whole human society… It is the duty of Muslims to fight unyieldingly…until the school of God comes to dominate over the personal, social, political, economic, intellectual and religious life of man.”

c. 1983 Abdul Qadeer Khan, future father of “The Islamic Bomb”, manages to snag the complete design for a Chinese nuclear device 34 inches in diameter, the perfect size for a missile warhead. Khan obtains detailed drawings of all of the warhead’s 100 or so parts.[cxxx]

1990 The Autonomous Region Of Muslim Mindanao—including Tawitawl and Jolo-- declared in the second largest island of the Philippines.[cxxxi]

1990 In July, the Jama'at al Muslimeen under the control of Imam Yasin Abu Bakr attempts a violent coup in Trinidad and Tobago to establish a Moslem extremist state[cxxxii]. Jama'at al Muslimeen is still in business today.

1990-2005 Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, El Gamma Iji, and Islamic Jihad, set up bases in Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, making converts and sending drug money to the middle east to finance their Jihads[cxxxiii]

1994 France’s Direction de Construction Naval International agrees to sell Pakistan the technology for a superstealth submarine capable of carrying sixteen cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. The sub, the Agosta 90B, has a range of 10,000 nautical miles…the distance to Europe and North America.

1996-2005 Westerners first read the word “madrassa” when this form of extremist, Saudi-backed religious school educates and graduates the leaders of Afghanistan’s Taleban. Later it turns out that the Saudis have established these “suicide bomber factories” in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, the Balkans, Western Europe, and North America.[cxxxiv], [cxxxv] It also turns out that the Jamia Binoria society of madrassas in Karachi, Pakistan, is attracting foreign students from 30 countries, including the US, and educating them in Saudi-style Wahabi extremism.[cxxxvi]

1997 April 13. Little-Brown in London tells Paul Fregosi it won’t print his book about Islam’s Jihad against Europe because of Islamic censorship pressures.

1998 First test of the Islamic Bomb—Pakistan’s nuclear warhead.

1998 Pakistan’s first Agosta 90b submarine is launched.

1999 The Philippine Moro National Liberation Front buys 10,000 M16 automatic rifles and grenades from North Korean dealer Lim Kyu-do. It also puts a down payment on North Korean mini-submarines.[cxxxvii]

1999 September 4, “a car bomb detonated outside an apartment building housing Russian soldiers in the city of Buinaksk, in the province of Dagestan. 64 people were killed and dozens of others were wounded. Russia blamed Chechen separatists, who would days later invade the province from neighboring Chechnya.”[cxxxviii]

1999 September 8, “300 kg to 400 kg of explosives detonated on the ground floor of an apartment building in southeast Moscow. The nine-story building was destroyed, killing 94 people inside and wounded 150 others. 108 apartments were destroyed. A caller to a Russian news agency said the blast was a response to recent Russian bombing of Chechen and Dagestan villages in response to the invasion of Dagestan.” [cxxxix]

1999 September 13, “was supposed to be a day of mourning for the victims of the previous bomb attacks. But on that day, a large bomb exploded at an apartment on Kashirskoye Highway in southern Moscow. The eight-story building was flattened, littering the street with debris and throwing some concrete hundreds of yards away. In all, 118 people died and 200 were wounded.”..” Boris Yeltsin declared a war against the "illegal military units" in Chechnya” [cxl]

1999 September 16 truck bomb “outside a nine-story apartment complex in the southern Russian city of Volgodonsk, killing 17 people.” [cxli]

2000 Islamic militants mount an intense bombing campaign in South Africa, bombing, among others, the provincial premier of Cape Town, who escaped the blast of a bomb strapped to a tree between a mosque and a community center, bombing police stations, attacking a Planet Hollywood restaurant, and injuring 48 people with a bomb in a packed pizza parlor in Cape Town.[cxlii]

2001 In response to America’s attacks in Afghanistan, Moslems activists in South Africa urge their followers to take up arms and join the jihad between Islam and the “satanic, infidel West”[cxliii], [cxliv]

2001 May 5. Muslim militants converge on the Moluccas, the spice islands of Indonesia, to defend Moslems against “a Christian conspiracy”. Thousands are killed.[cxlv]

2001 March 22 Anti-slavery groups report that there are 27 million modern slaves “From Khartoum to Calcutta, from Brazil to Bangladesh”. Most seem to be in Islamic countries.[cxlvi]

2002 In Al Qaeda's online magazine Al-Ansar, Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari writes, "The elements of the collapse of Western civilization are proliferating..., these infidel states are no more than a handful of creatures on the speck of dust called Planet Earth....Allah told us of the certainty of the annihilation of the infidels...by means of the Muslim group, which would, in accordance with the Islamic commandment...torture them...The question now on the agenda is, how is the torture Allah wants done at our hands to be carried out?"[cxlvii]

2002 Influential Sunni television star and cleric Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi joins other Sheiks in issuing a fatwa that declares, "... The Prophet Muhammad was asked: 'What city will be conquered first, Constantinople or Romiyya?' He answered: 'The city of Heracles will be conquered first' - that is, Constantinople... Romiyya is the city called today 'Rome,' the capital of Italy. The city of Heracles [later to become Constantinople] was conquered by the young 23-year-old Ottoman Muhammad bin Morad, known in history as Muhammad the Conqueror, in 1453. The other city, Romiyya, remains, and we hope and believe [that it too will be conquered]. …This means that Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor, after being expelled from it twice - once from the South, from Andalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens."[cxlviii]

2002 Pakistan launches its first home-made Agosta 90B nuclear missile-carrying sub, built with French technology in the Karachi shipyard by Pakistani engineers and craftsmen.

2003 Captain Iftikhar Riaz Qureshi, commander of both of Pakistan’s Agosta 90b nuclear-capable subs, writes in the Pakistani Daily Mail that the subs are meant for “second strike capability”. In other words, they were purchased specifically to carry nuclear weapons.[cxlix] Qureshi also explains that Pakistan’s ability to build and to enhance Agosta 90bs in its own shipyards will allow its construction program “construction program to fulfill our needs and the needs of our friends”. And he announces that Pakistan’s third Agosta 90b—its second constructed in the Karachi Naval Shipyard--will be launched “within the next three years”.

2003 June 5 Two female suicide bombers detonate themselves at a rock concert near Moscow killing 14.

2003 October 23. Roughly 1,000 audience members are taken hostage when mahahedin chanting, “We love death more than you love life” take over an entire Moscow theater—the Dubrovka. 130 die.

2003 Police in the Indian hill resort of Kud arrest a young driver and his girlfriend—couriers carrying $100,000 in American donations to finance a never-ending Jihad in Kashmir.[cl]

2003 The US seizes “the BBC China, a freighter bearing centrifuge parts made in Malaysia, along with other products of Dr. [A.Q.] Khan's [nuclear] network, all bound for Libya.” Libya fesses up and hands over its nuclear skunk works.[cli]

2003 Dr. A.Q. Khan, father of the Islamic Bomb and a national hero in Pakistan, is put under house arrest. An initial spate of information indicates that Khan has been selling nuclear technology he acquired in Europe to North Korea and Libya and shipping materials through Malaysia.

2004 American intelligence officials are shocked to discover that Khan’s nuclear network goes much farther than they thought. In fact, it has “tendrils…in more than 30 countries” including Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Credible reports say that during his trip to Afghanistan, Khan met face-to-face with Osama bin Laden. Intelligence officials wonder, “what other countries, or nonstate groups, beyond Libya, Iran and North Korea, received what one Bush administration official called Dr. Khan's ‘nuclear starter kit’”--buy a hundred million dollars worth of nuclear equipment and Khan throws in the design for a thoroughly-tested nuclear warhead for free. The suspected list of customers includes Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Kuwait, Myanmar and Abu Dhabi.

2004 Three highly articulate, intelligent, British-born Moslems who were part of a crowd shouting, “Make way for Islam, we want Islam”, tell a CNN interviewer that their Islam, “Is not just a hatred for America it is a hatred for the whole of western philosophy and western civilization, freedom, democracy, human rights, international law, all of these fake concepts that have been passed to us and behind that we have been oppressed, it is a hatred of all of this."[clii]

2004 Iranian Revolutionary Guards intelligence theoretician Hassan Abbassia tapes a speech discussing an Iranian “strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization.” He explains that, “There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.”[cliii]

2004 The ancient Islamic imperative to holy war is still alive in Southeast Asia. Sunanda K. Datta-Ray, a former editor of The Statesman in India, writes that, “The rebels in Southeast Asia's three main trouble spots - southern Thailand, the southern Philippines and Indonesia's Aceh Province - are Malay Muslims, … Muslims with ancient grievances. …the disturbances look like part of a global Muslim upsurge. The Moro Liberation Front in the Philippines speaks for Mindanao, whose 34 sultanates dated back to the 15th century and once extended to northern Borneo. They fought the Spanish for 300 years and resisted the Americans after 1899.” [cliv]

2004 A long-term jihad in Central Asia and Russia drags on with the siege of a school in Beslan, the terrorist downing of two Russian airliners—94 passengers killed. and a suicide bombing in Moscow.[clv]

2004-2005 Arab Janjaweed tribesmen prey on the black Islamic population of their own country—the Shariah-run nation of Sudan.[clvi] “Janjaweed, Arab militias armed by the government, have carried out ethnic cleansing, systematic rape”[clvii] and enslavement.[clviii], [clix]

2004 In Amsterdam, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan shoots filmmaker Theo Van Gogh while Van Gogh is bicycling. He slashes Van Gogh’s throat, repeatedly stabs the body, then drives a knife to the hilt into the corpse, using it to pin down a five-page “open letter” that predicts the downfall of the “infidel enemies of Islam” and stating, “I know definitely that you, Oh America, will go down. I know definitely that you, Oh Europe, will go down. I know definitely that you, Oh Netherlands, will go down.”[clx]

2004 March 11 thirteen bombs on commuter trains triggered to go off simultaneously at height of Madrid rush hour. Ten go off. Responsibility is claimed by al Qaeda in Europe.

2004 In March, British arrest 8 Moslems in Leeds 17-32 years old with large amounts of ammonium nitrate—possibly an attack in the planning stage.

2004 January 4 30 armed mujahedin storm military armory and steal 380 M-16s in Narathiwat, Southern Thailand. Meanwhile 18 schools are set afire.[clxi]

2004 April 28. 112 killed when machete armed teenage mujahedin wearing red headbands and black t-shirts with Islamic slogans attack a dozen police posts in 3 provinces in Southern Thailand.[clxii] Their goal: to steal guns. Battle goes on for 8 hours. “they have shown ... that they are willing to die, simply to fight against Buddhist officials…” said Sunai Phasuk, a Bangkok political analyst. ''They fought with knives and swords, fully understanding that the police will be ready and waiting for them with M-16 rifles.”[clxiii]

2004-2005 The jihad in Southern Thailand kills 860 in 18 months. The area was once the Sultanate of Pattani and has its own language. Vendors sell CDs of beheadings with titles like “Jihad in Chechnya 2000”. Local beheadings run rampant. Buddhist monks slashed to death & temples bombed. Grocers are threatened for selling pork.

2005 February 14 With assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister and culture hero Rifik Hariri and Iraqi elections January 30, 2005, that produce a surprisingly huge turnout, pro-democracy demonstrations and movements break out in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Yemen, and Bahrain. George Bush’s pro-democracy thrust is cited in nearly every Islamic publication that covers the story. But does democracy reduce war? The War of 1812 took place between two democracies, the US and England.

2005 The Islamic website Islamic World—the Official Website of the Khilafah Institute, declares, “It is our firm belief that the unique social and historical conditions of our time, combined with new knowledge in the fields of science and technology, make it not only possible but highly likely that within a generation or so we will live in a fully and truly Islamic World.”

2005 The forces of Al-Qaeda in Europe work to make those words a reality by bombing rush hour commuter trains and one bus in England.

2005 July 7, London 4 bombings—3 in subways & 1 on a double-decker bus kill 54 people. One suspected bomber was born in Jamaica and grew up in England. Another is a Cairo-born student who studied biochemistry and chemical engineering at the undergraduate and graduate level in the US. Several kilos of ammonium nitrate are found in one of his two apartments—a “bomb factory” in Leeds. One suspect, Hasib Hussain is 18 yrs old, comes from a modest neighborhood in Leeds, was a cricket and soccer player, but was taken off the college track by his teachers and the cricket pitch on which he played with his team was shut down. He turned to Islam. Two bombers have made trips to Pakistan that apparently changed their lives. Another, 22-year-old Shahzad Tanweer, was born in Bradford, England, came from an upper middle-class family that owned a chip shop, was proud to be British, played cricket the week before the attack, but went to Pakistan to learn the Koran by heart and may have visited a militant Islamic private school for the wealthy and the planner of a Pakistani grenade attack that killed five. The Secret Organization Group of Al Qaeda of Jihad Organization in Europe claims credit.[clxiv]

2005 July 14 60 muhahedin attack the regional capital of Yala in Thailand, killing 2, injuring 22, plunging city into darkness by targeting electrical transformers, a restaurant, 2 convenience stores, a hotel, and the railway station. With fire bombs, explosives, and guns. A few days earlier a school headmistress is murdered & 2 Buddhist women are beheaded.

End notes;

[i] Sarwat Saulat, The Life of The Prophet, Islamic Publications Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, 1983.

[ii] Sarwat Saulat, The Life of The Prophet, Islamic Publications Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, 1983.

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[iv] Qur'an (8 : 67) cited in Retrieved September 14, 2004, from the World Wide Web http://www.geocities.com/badr_313/battle.htm This work is an extract of the Second Volume of English Translation of Sirat-un-Nabi originally written in Urdu by the late 'Allama Shibli Nu'mani, a well-known Muslim historian who requires no commendation. His famous work Sirat-un-Nabi also hardly stands in need of any introduction. The book Sirut-un-Nabi is translated by Mr. Budayuni who has the full command of both the languages, Urdu as well as English. The Battle of Badr.

[v] Retrieved July 16, 2005, from the World Wide Web http://www.sunnahonline.com/ilm/seerah/0005.htm Seerah of the Final Messenger of Allaah: The Story of the Prisoners of the Battle of Badr Shaykh Safi ur-Rahmaan Mubarakfoori From Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtoom

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[vii] Sarwat Saulat, The Life of The Prophet, Islamic Publications Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, 1983.

[viii] Sarwat Saulat, The Life of The Prophet, Islamic Publications Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan, 1983.

[ix] Our society could never be an Islamic one unless we sincerely tread the footsteps of Allah's final Messenger to mankind, heed his sayings, observe his glorious actions and attitudes, and most important of all follow them, as the faithful among his companions did.

And now, que the threats from the followers of "the religion of peace" for listing their crimes.

Howard Bloom


  1. Wow I had no idea Romania was under Islamic rule until 1828!

    Did you see the Wargelin interview with Somalia's presidential hopeful Maxamed Saleebaan? He referred to Islaamnimada more times that I can remember. The Somali cliche of "one culture, one language, one religion" is getting old. He makes absolutely no provision for a Somali to be a secular humanist, Christian, or anything else other than a Muslim. There will never be a semblance of order until this viewpoint ceases to exist. It just makes me so sad for Somalis like you, who are unlikely to ever see their homeland again.

    Laakiin weli rajo baa loo baahanyahay.

  2. I haven't seen the interview. Muslim nations typically loose their brightest on account of Islam, it chases away those who would have done something for the greater good and instead resort to the book of blood, the "holy" Quraan responsible for so much death and misery and oppression. Islam is so brutal and oppressive that fascist dictators utilize it to their own advantage when it suits them.

    Somalia was most prosperous when it was most secular - the 70s. For those wishing to go back I think would just have to wait til the Muslims finish each other off.

    I don't consider going back. Life is not a destination, it's a journey.

    There is an across the board pattern in those poor Muslim countries where the educated people leave and the poor and ignorant Muslims slaughter each other. When people don't progress whether it is because of religion or otherwise in the end they'll revolt so it's not surprising.

    Somali people don't know who they are anymore, they're confused and unfortunately significant numbers suffer mental problems. They've resorted to these primitive 6th century fantasies instead of thinking for themselves, compounding their misery.

    1) they think they're Arabs
    2) they think Islam is the answer
    3) they think the false Allah will help them
    4) they don't know any other way
    5) they can't think for themselves
    6) they're still under Arab mental slavery
    7) they don't know their own history, language
    8) Saudis trick them with Wahabbism
    9) expect fellow Muslims will assist
    10) the lie beats reality

    Once Islam proliferates in a nation, its eventual demise isn't far off.

  3. "Life is not a destination, it's a journey."

    So true! I'm glad you keep a positive outlook.
    Its funny how Somalis look back on the 70's as the "golden era", yet they don't see the obvious connection between prosperity and the lack of religious domination.

  4. Unless the damned country runs out of people to kill and/or killers there probably won't be peace in the distant future. Twenty years of tribal warfare is succeeded by twenty years of religious warfare.

    They don't see the prosperity secularism breeds and would prefer religous retards dominating the national discourse because Muslims are immune to logic.

    Muslims ought to be delegated to handicap status. Islam doesn't just "unskin them from humanity" as former Muslim and son of Hamas leader recently stated. They're zombies looking forward to death.

  5. The golden era/ eras for somalis was / were those times before colonizers came to us. It may have looked that we were progressing after the fake independence from the brutal colonizers but we were slowly going down, because as i said it, the colonizers never left (it was fake independence). They have remined to keep us down, to keep our brothers in OGADENIA (of which they were responsible for it) to be free.

    strange, and yet somalis do not see the obvious connection between their self-distruction mode and the self-hate for thier roots and their RIGHTIOUS religion and this unbroken COLONIZITION. Everything that it is written here, it is CONTRARY to the reality (the blame for arabs, religion, culture...), all thse elements have been destryed and manipuled so exactly that the results are shockingly the somalia we see today (for whatever they call themselves), represented cristal clearly by these poor mind-contrlled bloggers. WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, WHEN YOUR FREEDOM STHEALTHY STOLEN FROM YOU. THEY ARE BEING FORCED TO LEAVE THEIR RELIGION, CULTUR, LANGUAGE, by practically creating disasters to prove when the effect takes place that it is inherently contained in their religion and cuture or their association with arabs. WHAT A BLIND PEOPLE!! MAY ALLAAH SAVE THEM FROM THE BRUTAL SAVAGES!

  6. The above comment?
    Needn't I say more!

    Kids, this is your brain on religion!

  7. This guy "Tuke" said "WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE" Do you really believe you have freedom of choice when you are muslim? Do you have the freedom of choice to ask your sheikh why Allah is merciless by burning people in hell while also claiming to be merciful? Do you have the freedom of choice to ask your sheik why Allah is two faced because he claims to be merciful and he also has hell to burn people? Do you have the freedom to ask your sheikh why Muhammad was pedophile because he married a 9 year old child? There is no such thing as freedom of choice in Islam.

    May Allah or should I say Mohamed give you freedom of choice. LOL

    1. yes we have all answer for your question,
      Because each Muslim itself give you answer about your question that is in Holy Quran... We have freedom of speech but you don't have...
      just you going to pub and chilling with bear or dance with a girls its means a life as for you, i don't like live this life instead of this your life style i prefer to die...
      (Allah is merciless by burning people in hell while also claiming to be merciful?)
      "if you do crime in country they punished by as per there rule, its human nature"
      i think its enough to understand, what i suppose to say.
      May Allah Help you, Its not too late go and make tauba.

  8. We shouldn't make fun of those less fortunate. Tuke is just a victim, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He is just saying what he was brainwashed with.

    Every jihadist knows that the sociopathic personality of Mohamed bin Abdallah is islam's weakest link. If humanity is to cast off the ball and chain of islam, we should use every occasion to call attention to this criminal and the theo-political personality cult he spawned.

    Mohamed bin Abdallah's personality is the elephant in the room of ... See more civilization. Any portrayal of Mohamed would call attention to his criminal personality. Through the quran, he was able to validate, sanctify and institutionalize his own socially destructive tendencies toward rape, robbery and the murder or enslavement (dhimmitude) of those he robbed.

    'Good' muslims are Mohamedans, those who follow the criminal example and intent of Mohamed. they have only fear and deceit to use until they gain control of the physical means of expropriating the wealth, accomplishment and biological potential of non-muslims.

    Participate in the May 20th 'Everyone Draw a Picture of Mohamed' event to begin the movement to expose the sociopathic personality of Mohamed and the murderous, civilization-destroying personality cult called 'islam'.

  9. do you see a way out of this apart from exterminating all muslims? the deadly mix of overconfidence , arrogance, paranoia, lust is going to be hard to defeat logically.

  10. To stipulate extermination parallels Islamic principles, so, no. Shortcuts do not apply.

    Other options such as education do remain and logic doesn't necessarily have to win in its initial attempts, applied persistently, it proves to be quite successful in the end. We'll keep trying because their falsehoods also require persistent effort to sustain the system of lies.

  11. i dunno man. its atleast possible to argue logically with christians as they think humility is a virtue. conquest and overconfidence is not part of the christian books atleast. the sheer immunity to rationality and indoctrinated overconfidence of muslims is frightening to say the least. i live in india and the 100 nukes that pakistan has are always looming on us. who knows when we might get a 'we love death more than they love life' guy in charge there. and we have 150 million nutcases in this country who might boil over with all the external heat present in the world. i vote for extermination :D just joking

  12. I understand your point, I just didn't want to insinuate that we kill. :-)

    I think India is well equiped to deal with any Islamist threat. It's far more pragmatic than any Islamic state and they can easily deal with the Mooselums and it's important to be always vigilant of them because once a Muslim gains power, the first thought is how many (infidels) can I kill?

    India has triumph over the years and it's still here and will always be here. Go India!

  13. dhamantiin waxad tihin dad ilah subxanahu watacala iyo nabigeni subana (SCW) aflagadeyay ragiinana qaar kamid wan idin garaneyna insha allah wixi dinta idinka qabto ayan idinku ofineynaa xukunkiinuna waa dil togasho mel alala iyo meshi aan idinku aragno ama super-market ama guriga ama xaflad meel kasta oo macquul gal ah, ilah subxanahu watacala iyo nabiyulahi muxamed waxba umad dhibi kartaan, waxa uun sugtaan waa xukunkiina iyo gorta la idinku fulin dono wabilahi towfiiq.



  15. Somalis are animals believe me it doesn't matter if they are christian, Muslim, or atheists. They are failures in life it is just a fact. I truly believe the horn of Africa would be a better place if the zoomalis did not exist or if Somalia was given to Ethiopia at least they are nationalists. Somalis=cancer

  16. why more then %95 of the world's population believe in a supreme being, whilst atheist are at %2.3 and declining?

  17. Jaahilka magaca carabta la soo baxey ee Abu Hamza isku sheegey. waryaa sow adiga aaminsan in Mohammed jannada loogu bishaareeyey, marka ma difaac muu kaaga baahan yahey qof jannada ku jira?????????? Ilaahse ma weydiisey inuu difaac rabo???? yuusan kuu caroon oo uusan adduunka kaa oofsan lol!!!!!!!!!!! think twice, the only way you can be saved is to learn and seek knowledge, dont just read arabic!!
    God not bless you!

  18. I can guarantee all of you will cry for Allah (swt) when you are on your death beds. The human is cocky and ignorant when he is young and in good health. There is no doubt that the tables will turn. I am not gonna start labelling and give death threats like Abu Hamza above but do not dis-respect Allah (swt), beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and Islam in general, keep your opinions to your self, no sane Somalian will ever agree with you any ways. Most importantly, please repent to Allah (swt) as he is the most merciful and the most forgiving one, it is not too late.

    Saaxiib Ahmed

  19. Saaxiib Ahmed,

    You obviously have no comment on the subject matter, or relating commentary, for that matter.
    You cannot guarentee anything. I can't prove Allah exists in the same way that you cannot prove his/her existence.

    The existence of god is only obvious to those who have been brainwashed since birth. If you had never heard of god and you arrived at your 18th birthday and somebody said 'I have great news: there is a god!' your natural response would be: you are barking mad! So no, please do not attribute anything to 'guarentee' when it is obvious to me that religion is just a man made construct to explain what we could not understand.

    Next time say something other than an emotional diatribe or don't bother commenting at all.

  20. Ciyaalka Xaafadda

    You wrote tons of lies and fabricated facts, there is no subject matter or relating commentary whatsoever. Yes I can guarantee Allah (swt) exist as he is the creator of all! I can provide physical hardcore evidence as I proved it to other non-Somali atheists in the past.

    I'm very glad my parents raised me as a muslim since birth, however, a good Turkish friend of mine didn't get that opportunity, unfortunately. As soon as I found I, I told him about Islam, within days, he left his wicked, dirty life style behind and followed the path of Success, the path of obedience in the way of Islam.

    Only an ignorant person would not listen and investigate a serious matter like religion!

    Where do see yourself after you die? Have you thought about that? You don't think you'll sleep in the grave peacefully do you? If you die as a non-believer, naar aa ku sugooyso, ka noqo dariiqan xun.

    Buddhism, Christianity and others are man made, not Islam. Everything in the Quran are the words of the Almighty Allah (swt) as many non-muslim scientists and scholars admitted.

    It got nothing to do with emotional diatribe, I'm saying nothing but the truth!

  21. Saaxiib;

    Don't behave like a retard. A person recently posted a comment that clearly and concisely illustrates your entire premise more than I ever could, and it goes like this;

    Anonymous said...

    "Islam is the most pathologically narcissistic ideology that humans have ever invented.
    It is self-obsessed to the point of total autism, and muslims seem to be unendurably humiliated and offended by the existence of anything other than islam itself.

    Muslims are also offended to the point of blind rage even by the merest physical trace or relic of there ever having been anything, anywhere, other than islam.Conceit describes the tendency of muslims who are people of overbearing arrogance.

    'What they had not attained they supposed they had attained, what they had not understood they supposed they had understood'.

    Far from being born in a clear light of history, islam is in its origins, just as shady and approximate as those pre islamic texts from which it stole.

    Islam makes immense claims for itself, invokes prostrate submissions or surrender as a maxim to its adherants, and demands deference and respect from non believers into the bargain.

    There is nothing - absolutely nothing - in its teachings that can even begin to justify such unbridled arrogance and presumption.

    Sir Winston Churchill once said this. "How dreadful are the curses of Islam! Besides the fanatical frenzy, there is a death wish.
    The evil effects are everywhere and insecurity exist wherever muslims live. In Islamic law every woman must belong to a man as his absolute property.

    There will be slavery until Islam dies.
    All Muslims know how to die and no stronger backward force exists in the world. If true wisdom is not sheltered, science and civilisation will fall.

    In all human activity, arrogance is an impediment to growth. History teaches that arrogance is the beginning of decline for all god based religions."

    This is the way that islam will perish - its castle of arrogance will be destroyed from within by its own followers.

    Peace to all....."

    December 11, 2010 9:48 PM

    1. are you christian or athiest, and are you somali or ayaan hirsi benley.

  22. Whoever that person may be, it is obvious that person hates Islam and is using jargon and technical terms in order to sound more "convincing and intelligent".

    "Muslims are also offended to the point of blind rage even by the merest physical trace or relic of there ever having been anything, anywhere, other than islam.Conceit describes the tendency of muslims who are people of overbearing arrogance". LMAO! Anger and arrogance are even against the teachings of Islam, period! If anything its the enemies of Islam that are angry and arrogant because THEY are spreading lies and propaganda about Islam. This person is describing these radicals who are using Islam for their own political agenda. It's like me judging Christianity by the evil actions of KKK.

    Furthermore, how dare that person to talk about Slavery and glorify Churchill when Britain is the biggest slave-master on earth and aggressor? He killed tens of millions during colonisation and his ancestors killed 100 million+ during the Annexation of the Native Indians and slavery!

    You are not gonna live forever, no one is. Most of the best of us died so will we. Think about where you will end up after you die. Ka noqo intaa wili nooshahay.

    Verily, In The Remembrance Of Allah Do Hearts Find Rest. -Holy Quran (13:28)

    Saaxiib Axmed

  23. Saaxiib Axmed,

    You're all over the place. You keep repeating the same old basic and generic terms. Lest ye say something profound. At each turn, you unknowingly keep validating the notion that religion rapes the mind.

    Waxaan kuu soo gudbinayaa jawaab uu dhiibtay walaal Soomaaliyeed haddii aad tii hore diidmo hoosta uga xariiqday. Waa sidaan;

    Anonymous said...

    "Dadkiina qaar ka mida ah ayaa ninka maqaalkan soo qoray iska maagaya idinkoon wax cadayn ah tusin. Ninkani wuxuu ku dooday in aany jirin wax la yidhaa "Illaahay." Idinkuna wax cadayn ah maydun tusin in uu jiro "Illaahay."

    Nin ayaa wuxuu waydiiyay: Yaa ku abuuray? Tani waa su'aal ee ma cadaynayso inuu Illaahay jiro. Hadii uu Illaahay dadka abuuray, yaa abuuray Illaahay laftiisa. Hadii aad ku doodo Illaahay cidna may abuurin, ninkuna wuxuu ku doodi karaa dadkana cidna may abuurin.

    Dadka badankoodu waxay ku jawaabeen hanjabaad ay ninkan wax qoray u hanjabeen. Waxay ugu hanjabeen in la gayn doono "NAARTA." Hanjabaadu dooda kama mid ah. Ninkani wuxuu idiin sheegay in aanu aaminsanayn wax la yidhaa NAAR idinkuna ma cadayn kartaan in ay jirto NAARTU. Markaa ninkani dood fiican ayuu keenaye, ama si fiican ula dooda oo wax macquula meesha keena ama iska aamusa."

  24. Ciyaalk Xaafadda,

    How am I over the place when I dis-agreed with what that person earlier who said a lot of false negativity about Islam and simply countered? Don't try to make excuses if you can't counter efficiently what I said. Islam brings the mind at peace and gives hope in this life and the hereafter. Atheism (satan) rapes and rots the mind and leads its followers to their ultimate destruction.

    Allah (swt) tests his believers, the first test is to believe in Allah without seeing him. What would the point be if there is no testing? Look at all the miracles the good humans get? That clearly is no luck or man made "success".

    Allah is the creator of all, no one created him, only he creates and takes away the lives.

    Furthermore, If you look at the graves of the good people like Islamic teachers, you'll see clearly that their bodies are still in tact, regardless of how many years they are in the grave!

    Hanjabaad ma ahan, waxaa waaye runta oo dhab eh. Learn the definition of threatening and telling you the straight up truth!

    There is no point in life as living as an Atheist, no hope, no future, but a guaranteed eternity of tremendous suffer!

    btw, whoever that person is, I'd like to directly talk to him/her, if he/she is serious and you as well, if you got an e-mail, this thing is too long.


  25. we all know how inhumane and cruel it,s slavery
    i am getting socond thouth if this is true dive
    revelation from god .

    Sahih International
    Allah presents an example: a slave [who is] owned and unable to do a thing and he to whom We have provided from Us good provision, so he spends from it secretly and publicly. Can they be equal? Praise to Allah ! But most of them do not know.
    Eebe wuxuu ka yeelay tusaale Addoon la leeyahay oon Waxba karin iyo Ruux aannu ku Arzaaqnay rizqi fiican oo u bixin qarsoodi iyo muuqaalba, Ma isku midbaa, Mahad

  26. we all know how inhumane and cruel it,s slavery
    i am getting socond thouth if this is true divene
    revelation from god .

    Sahih International
    Allah presents an example: a slave [who is] owned and unable to do a thing and he to whom We have provided from Us good provision, so he spends from it secretly and publicly. Can they be equal? Praise to Allah ! But most of them do not know.
    Eebe wuxuu ka yeelay tusaale Addoon la leeyahay oon Waxba karin iyo Ruux aannu ku Arzaaqnay rizqi fiican oo u bixin qarsoodi iyo muuqaalba, Ma isku midbaa, Mahad

  27. i am a muslim woman who is open to questioning her religion. i hope we all conduct ourselves with dignity and politeness when we are exchanging our opinions.


  28. being muslim all my live i have a second
    thought being one cause islam and slavery
    and how it's support especialy some verses
    from the quran about slavery and how they
    should be treated and never mentions that it,s
    inhumane and imoral or abolishing.

  29. Meeshan gaalo ayaa isugu timid

  30. I am a Somali 18 year old boy, living in Europe and I just recently left Islam.

    When I opened up my mind on the subject, I was shocked to see how misogynistic, homophobic, violent, hateful, enslaving, brain-washing and annihilating death cult Islam was.

    I am happy to be free from the irrational and totalitarian shackles of Islam: I am happy to be free.

    Now let me take a walk to the pub to chill out with a couple of beers!

    Ilahay wax jira ma'ahan. Maskaxdiina furfura. Fikira!


    1. so you went to wiki islam, and you were brainwashed by their propaganda, I would like to see them post the crimes christianty has commited, yup go and drink beer if your smart you will know bear affects and destroys brain cell, I free being a muslim and am ejoying a fat joint with my saxabas.

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    Also see my webpage: Christian books

  32. nacallaa gaalu iyo waxa raacay ku yaal

  33. As a Somali and a muslim and as a student of western philosophy especially marxism, i would say that i am appalled by the lack of intelligence in this blog. For one slavery in Islam could not be called slavery by today's definition and the best example is the Malmuk dynasty of Egypt and Syria in which only a person born out of slavery was allowed to be head of state (Sultan) and important cabinet positions this dynasty lasted for more four hundred years. My second objective is that Islam spreading hate and poverty and fascism. Stalin, Mussolini, hitler, and Franco were totalitarian fascists, not Islam with exceptions to the Wahabsim in Saudi Arabia in the last 50 years. during the golden age of Islam where knowledge flourished and embraced, the Islamic empire was the richest empire the world has ever know (when i say rich i mean it in the egalitarian sense where everyone was equal economically) and last the deadliest ideology known to man was communist which an ATHEISTIC ideology so you tell me (200+ million deaths from 1918-1991) in that list Islam was in the bottom ten. As a Somali i would say if you want to talk about Islam or in your case bad mouth it first learn the religion then you can criticize it. AND YES ISLAM MEANS SUBMISSION

  34. The definition of slavery is universally understood, it does not require further explanation. Nobody is ever born with a religion in the same way they're not born with nationalistic, or communist or capitalist ideals. These are dogmatic systems of thought like religion that people are brainwashed with. For example, soldiers are sent into battle fields and die for nationalistic dogmatic system in which they're bred in.

    The idea that a person is born Muslim (according to Islam) is similar to a child being born a communist, a capitalist or a satanist.

    Communism was a political system that simply rejected religion in the same way it rejected democratic system of governance. It's an ideology like religion with its own dogmatic system of thought. Hitler's initial idea that Germanic people were superior expeditiously morphed into a dogmatic system of supremacy and domination. It had very little to do with religion, or its lack thereof. Hitler didn't kill people because they believed in religions.

    And suggesting that Islam is at the top ten of the worst deaths the world had ever witnessed as a defense mechanism speaks volumes about Islam itself.

  35. Subhanallah what has this world come to.If you left islam that's bad enough as it is but to reject God completely is something else. How can you reject the one who created you when you were nothing.Did you create yourself? The arrogance of humans amaze me.Look around you at how well proportioned this world is,do you believe it came out of nowhere and when you die that's the end of that? Then what was the point of your entire existence? If you say you will believe it after you see it then I'm afraid it's gonna be too late. We were put on this world to worship Allah and this life is nothing but a test with temptations all around us. Allah will not appear to you as it doesn't befit the creator to follow the orders of the creation and this is why it's a test to see who will believe (in Only him)without seeing him.Never thought I'd say this to a former Muslim who experienced it first hand but----> The media is truly at work if you are so gullible to believe what they show you is really Islam. If you feel freedom from leaving islam then you are truly mistaken because this world will distract you but eventually one day there will come a point in life when you will wonder where you will be going after you die. This is because its' been proven that a human mind will not accept athiesm no matter how much your pride will not let you,deep down you know this world is not a coincidence. May Allah guide you back to Islam. Ameen.