"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Proof

As per the existence of Allah there is not a scintilla of evidence to suggest that he does exist. Evidence empirically indicates that there is no Allah.

Asked whether Allah exists or not, our friend utters the most stupid explanations yet. It is laughable to see him basically regurgitate what he has been fed and brainwashed with as a child. In a pathetic attempt at attrition he proclaims that he welcomes the question about Allah's existence and then falls flat.

Gods are imaginary and man made. Imagination runs wild here when this man attempts to explain the inexplicable. According to this Mr. Big-beard, Allah exists, not because we can see or hear or have any shred of evidence, but because the following points about Allah prove his existence;

- That Allah has no partners
- Islam differs from other religions
- Muslims view their God differently than other religions
- Islam appeals to every human being, according to Mr Big-beard
- Mr Big Beard's idiosyncratic views on life prove Allah exists
- We (Mr Big-beard and his ilk) believe this "God" is not human
- That he is so perfect
- That the Quran says so, no proof required

Allah is greater than us, so great that we can never understand him. He is so great that there probably isn't a word in any language to fully describe Allah: "We will never be able to fully comprehend him." This Allah that we can never understand is worthy of worship. He doesn't want anything from us, not even our worship, but if we do it would be for our own good - to avoid his vengeful and brutal punishment. Unless we acknowledge this invisible being that is beyond our feeble minds' abilities, we consequently become his enemies. According to Allah all other religions are wrong because he said so in his Quran. The question about Allah's existence turned out to be how great Allah is.

The answer regarding Allah's existence simply became "we believe," repeated ad nauseam. Coincidentally, he proves that Allah's existence is just make-belief and nothing more because belief is not fact. I repeated the video three times to ensure that I haven't missed the evidence he projected to possess and I haven't heard anything remotely factual.

Our friend is clearly unaware of or is unfazed by his own contradictions. To the logical mind what this man spews amounts to flatulence. However, in a theocratic system of rule in which malfeasance is the call of the day this man would be an esteemed official or a leader. He did not answer the question because he has NO answers - it's as simple as that. There is no proof that there is Allah and nobody can present evidence. Worth mentioning is that had his parents had another religion he'd be saying the exact same thing about that religion as well.

Does Islam cause mental problems?


  1. May allah guide you my dear sisters and brothers. You are unknowing about Islam. It is such a shame that my brothers and sisters have been influenced by the West. Go back to your merciful religion rather than submit to the west and atheism.
    West has killed you, colonized you, taken you country and worst of all, they have managed to take away your identity. But one day you will understand and repent Inshallah.

    1. Geeldoon
      We are fed up with western colonialization,now let us at the mysterious side of the story. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Omanis colonized the East African city-states along the Indian Ocean from Mogadisho to Sofala in Mozambique with the island of Zanzibar as headquarter.The city-states paid trinute to the sultan of Zanzibar to avoid punishment. The creation of clove plantations in Zanzibar and growing date-palms in Oman demanded cheap slave labour. Chained Africans toiled on the plantations,An identified number of Africans,probably millions, were transported from the city-states to Oman,Middle East and India. At the turn of the 20th century the Omanis leased Mogadisho port to the Italians for 90 years. For compensation Italy paid annual rate of money to the Sultanate of Oman. The payment has concluded just recently in 1984.This is one example of suppressed stories.
      The West admits its atrocities during the colonial rule but it is taboo to mention Arab brutality.
      I am not pro-west. Shake off your oriented thoughts. let us join hands and struggle for the sake and interest of Somalinimo.

    2. '' Go back to your merciful religion'' Merciful religion that says adulterers should be stoned to death yeah? Or that Apostate should be killed because he left the religion. Learn more about the hadith and quran then u will see if its still a merciful religion.

      Stop wasting your time on a fairy tale book and think for your self.

      Its 2013 how come you still believe that the moon was split in half, that muhammad went to heaven on a winged horse or that allah hates yawning. if he hates yawning why did he ''create'' it.

      Where is allah when you need him? How come when humans really NEED him hes no where to be seen.

      Islam aint special its the same BS as all the others.

    3. God created yawning because he did not know he will hate it later. If he knew that he would not.