"Geesi dhereb kuma jiro"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


God has learned so much since then, things you’d think he would have known back in the day: like about germs, atoms, the shape of the Earth, the size of the Universe, etc, things "holy" books he has alleged written are wrong about. In more succinct terms it means gods don't write books, people do. But what happens when enlightened believers are confronted with these errors? They fume and point to their closest religious scholar who is arguably the least educated about the aforementioned subject(s). Free thinkers are not mocking religion, they are describing it, per the omnipresent and all knowing entity requiring the most irrational and delusional people to defend him. Here, as they examine, denounce, or satirize the gods, they are not dealing with a person, but with ideas. God was created by men in caves to explain thunder while trying to manage primitive society with little knowledge beyond their villages' borders. Now that we're not cave men and living in the era of science and knowledge we see the concept shrinking to the dust pin of historical mysticism, we need an additional level. Yet the people who still promote these stone age magical fairies have nothing to objectively feel proud/accomplished about, so they latch on to symbolic things to feel good about themselves.  

Islam and Christianity did not become major religions by the quality of their truths but by the quantity of their violence. Most religions were influenced by what they consider non-religions ... paganism. (Suppose the religious equivalent of a financial 'meltdown' is the flood ... god's meltdown ... a myth that the Abrahamic religions nicked from the pagan Mesopotamia.) No amount of prayer is going to turn a delusional fantasy into reality. Just as the gods of yesterday are the myths of today, the gods of today will be the myths of tomorrow. Religion has had several thousand years to prove it's right yet still can't do better than "wait until you're dead". There is no debating. The views are fixated. The gaps in the logic are to be ignored. Believing in a scheme of divine retribution for those who don’t believe what you believe is obviously atavistic. There is no benefit to the continuation of unreason, specifically for black/brown peoples of the world.

To call one god false then believe in another is inscrutable. Humans are supposed to experience doubt, once you experience 100% you are brainwashed beyond redemption. Human beings react to the environment and events around them in accordance with their world view/ideology, believing everything is the will of an all-powerful god is not going to inspire taking action to alleviate bad circumstances. Believers have little clue of what things like vision, hard work, sacrifice, resolve, foresight, humanity, determination, forgiveness, humility and courage mean. If you think your ideology is 'perfect' then you must search for blame externally because allegorical loquaciousness quickly discombobulates the believer more than the questioner.  

Religious 'logic' says everything must have a creator. Therefore, god must have a creator and that creator must have a creator and ... This is infinite stupidity. There is more depth to the phrase "man created god in his image" in that brain scans have found that talking about god activates the same regions of the brain as when talking about yourself by the neuroscience of religion (neurotheology). People are gripped by slogans with emotional resonance much more than they’re moved by arid data. How could anybody with half a brain believe such stories as: Muhammad splitting of the moon, a hell that matches the imagination of a 10 year old amateur horror story writer, a heaven to give Arab men erections, Muhammad flying to heaven on a flying mutant donkey, chopped up birds flying to Abraham, recording angels on your shoulders, sayings written down 200 years after Muhammad's death being claimed to be his actual words, life being a test of following a set of rules, an entire civilization being destroyed because they killed a camel, etc, etc,..?

The same phrases are repeated century after century. What's accepted and expected are repeated where each member nods enthusiastically. It's a validation mechanism to ensure nobody thinks outside the box, with Muslim-Imam-Level-Stupidity, a level of stupidity that's very rare anywhere in the world today, enforcing strict criteria for those under their grip. Muslim-Imam-Level-Stupidity begets believers remain under the control of Imams. Group-think engenders continuation of texts containing false articles and commands. And coercion or ostracizing and punishment of those who question monotheistic mysticism grandiosely professed by multitudes of ignorant followers. None of the fairy tales could regenerate without child-like followers who do not question. Religious tales were nearly always passed on verbally before the Bible and the Quraan were written.That is to imply the people who wrote the religious books only had knowledge of previous history from tales that had been passed on verbally hundreds or thousands of times.

What Muslims fail to appreciate is that a literalistic application would imply a static understanding of the Quraan. We would have to keep re-creating conditions prevalent in Mecca at the time of Prophet Muhammad. Whether "Every time their skin is roasted through we shall replace it with new skin," is literal or is a metaphor for some other unimaginable and unbearable torment whether physical, mental or spiritual makes exactly zero difference. It is still excessively cruel and sadistic and completely contradicts the claim that god is: "The Most Merciful of those who show Mercy." What one Muslim says doesn't matter because another will simply completely reject it and they'll both point to the allegedly infallible Quraan to support their views, and that is when they are not slaughtering each other on who has the right version of it. Unreason in the age of reason is in of itself a form of punishment.

Similarly, preachers re-create mystical illusions on Friday sermons every weekend asking god to destroy the non Muslims even when residing in the non Muslim countries. If the curses and blessings worked things would look like the opposite of what they are now. Fortunately curses and blessings don't build or destroy societies, under such pretense, and when things don't work out in Muslim societies the only option left is to flee to the infidels. In an environment ruled by choice if given the options of choosing where to live—to live in Sharia law compliant country or secular democracy—Muslims would overwhelmingly vote for the Sharia law and then flee to the secular democracy. Islam is a religion in its dark ages today, it has not yet experienced enlightenment similar to older religions, and nobody would be talking about it if it weren't for its violence and intolerance, and by then Muslims asking people to ignore it would be acceptable. Alas, the Quraan is printed, reprinted and passed to uneducated masses in the third world by the Saudis. While most of the world's population would cringe at the thought of going back, say, century; Muslims fantasize about going back to 7th century Arabia, all Muslim life is about that simple wish. It's all about backwardness. Scripture specifically states they aren't supposed to enjoy peace and comfort in "kufaar" lands, befriending them, associating with them. Roughly 80% of Muslims cannot read Arabic but consider the Quraan a miracle. The phrase “moderate Muslim” is an oxymoron. There are have two kinds of Muslims: Terrorist Muslims and ignorant Muslims. The former are those who know Islam well and live by its dictum. The latter have no clue about their religion and have an idealized image of Islam that has no bases in facts, they are under the illusion that Quraan exudes humanism like teachings of Buddha and Christ but with the particularity of being the only authorized version as it is sanctioned by Allah.

Believers often cannot and do not choose which religion they'll worship since it's chosen for them. They have to be told everything in a system of reward and punishment in which cultivation of personality or individual character building are omitted. Lack of individuality makes believers susceptible to committing atrocities against the (supposed) other, this makes religion the worst ideology humanity conceptualized. And while morality depends on the social environment it's individuality that best promotes empathetic consideration of the consequence of words and behavior. This makes many religious people's heads explode. They can't fathom a universe where people have to actually think, feel, and decide for themselves how to best behave. They require prophets and fraudulent clerics to tell them not to kill. There are, of course, "moderate" Muslims, but there are no theological basis for their arguments, and Arab imperialist Allah hates the "hypocrites" for they won't fight for him so that an Arab can rule supreme over them. Unreason won't permit a Somali person to understand that he/she doesn't have to be a Christian or Muslim and simply be content with one's origin!

When you have to ignore mountains of evidence to hold on to ancient myths; when you use words of others to preserve belief; when you refuse to use logic to protect fantasy, your willful ignorance does not make you a unique individual. It doesn't afford you special consideration. It means that you're just plain wrong. It means that you have nothing to add to intelligent conversation. "But I'm an expert on the bible and therefore intelligent," believed no rational thinker ever. Archaeological evidence dispels religious figures as magicians. Jesus has no historical record from the supposed era of his existence, no writings indicate a godly being, as is in other fairy tales, only magic for unsophisticated audience is apparent. It's notable that the invention of many gods occurred shortly before they were used to justify territorial conquests. Faith is a thought prison with restraints that are only seen after you are free. In Islam you grow up without a positive personal identity and are emotionally dependent on the collective because of this. Religion has always been about a collectivist view for social control. One reason that Christianity in the West has become so weak is that the elite don't need it any more. Today we do not thank gods for staving off tsunamis. Similarly, we don't sacrifice virgins to gods. Yet Muslims, for example, sacrifice an animal to Allah and then eat it (the idea behind "halal" meat). Meat not sacrificed to Allah ("meat not blessed by Allah") cannot be consumed. This practice will undoubtedly one day be considered a moral degradation just as burning witches is now considered immoral.

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