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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Saudi Muslim Cleric: "Earth is flat"

BRILLIANT Saudi cleric tells his students that the Earth does NOT rotate because if it did, planes would never land at their destinations. He deserves Nobel Prize for Stupidity. His courage to publish such high-level nonsense needs appreciation. He is reading an ancient book for which he cannot be fully blamed but yet there is certain danger to this sort of study.

The tragedy for the Arabs, especially, has been who got the oil wealth. It wasn’t the sophisticates of Beirut or even the religious scholars of Cairo, but Bedouins with a bitter view of faith. The Saudis and their fellow fanatics in the oil-rich Gulf states have used those riches to drag Muslims backward into the past and to spread violent jihad. The Saudis build Muslims mosques and madrassas but not hospitals and universities.

The danger of this sort of study spreading to uneducated people is that they obtain certain sense of morality from these ancient texts. Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right. Today's religions were created by yesterday's ignoramuses. They do not belong in enlightened modernity, they belong in ignorant antiquity. But never attempt to correct today's religious ignoramus since people believe what they want to believe and do not wish to deviate from their comfort zones. An ancient saying bequeaths: Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.

The Quraan emphatically states that it is a clear scripture [Q15:1], perfect [Q11:1] explained in detail [Q6:114 and 41:3]. Allah emphatically declared that he made Quraan very simple so that Muslims can understand very easily. If an illiterate Messenger (Q7.157-158, Q62:2-3) could understand Allah's word, surely even a failed school child could understand it too. Nowhere does Allah say that his words must be read with the help of its interpretations and commentaries. Therefore the apologists ' favorite statements about subject being taken 'out of context' morphs into a blatant lie here.

Quraanic interpretations and tafsirs have been invented by some wishful educated Mullahs only to hide its absurdities and contradictions. In fact, Quraan verses are mostly simple to understand and any junior school student can understand quite easily provided the reading material is given in a language they can understand. Therefore, claiming that Quraan is difficult to understand or is being quoted out of context is ludicrous and a lame excuse only to hide Allah’s myriad of inanities and flaws.

Allah's Ignorance of the North and South Poles: In polar regions, the longevity of day and night vary during summer and winter. The day gets shorter and shorter in winter until there are days or weeks of uninterrupted night. At the poles themselves, day and night alternately last for six months and all phases of the moon occur several times between sunrise and sunset. The author of the Quraan did not know about this and he only repeated earlier geocentric ideas.

It's not about intelligence or IQ it's simply about basic common sense, anyone not raised in the Biblical propaganda soup would not entertain these stories as anything other than what they are, a non technological people's attempt to make sense of a complicated world, in terms that made sense to them at the time. Yet they spread immensely through mechanisms we can all see and with predictable outcomes.

We’ve seen Saudi money at work in country after country, from Somalia to Kenya to Pakistan to Indonesia and beyond. Everywhere, their hirelings preach a stern and joyless world, along with the duty to carry out jihad (contrary to apologists’ nonsense, jihad’s primary meaning is not “an inner struggle,” but expanding the reach of Islam by fire and sword). The Wahabis initially form secretive organizations to lure unsuspecting individuals into their fold, of particular interest are the uneducated, the vulnerable, the poor, women and children. The secretive organizations only become apparent once Wahabism takes a foothold and the entire society/nation consists of bat crap crazy bearded men full of hate wanting to subjugate the vulnerable. On Kenya’s old Swahili Coast, once the domain of Muslim slavers preying on black Africans, we see a wretched Muslim slum where children, rather than learning useful skills in a state school, sat amid filth memorizing the Quraan in a language they could not understand. According to locals, their parents had been bribed to take their children out of the state schools and put them in madrassas. Naturally, educated Christians from the interior get the good jobs down on the coast. The Muslims rage at the injustice. The Christians reply, “You can’t all be Mullahs — learn something!” And behold: The Saudi mission’s accomplished, the society divided. What the Saudis care about is Islam in the abstract. Countless Muslims can suffer to keep the faith pure. Another phenomenon we witness is that the Saudis rush to plant mosques where there are few or no Muslims, or where the Wahhabi cult still hasn’t found roots. In many moderate parts of the Muslim wold, with its long tradition of humane Islam, religious scholars dismiss the Saudis as upstarts. Yet, money ultimately buys souls and the Saudis were opening mosques. And jihad violence is now an appealing brand.

The success of religion is directly proportionate to the failure of education everywhere in the world with particular peculiarity in the brown and black peoples of the world attached to the failed science of religion in modern times. Children in these communities need not be indoctrinated but inspired. Anyone who takes religion seriously should not be taken seriously. Religion reigns supreme by turning faith (the antithesis of reason) into a virtue and skepticism into a sin.

Muslims...The "good", the "bad" and the "ugly".....

The "good" Muslim

The first category is that of good Muslims. By good we mean true believers—those who follow the teachings of their prophet, the Quraan and the Sunnah to the letter, who try to emulate him in every way and are strict and pious Muslims. Since the teachings and the examples of Muhammad are full of violence and terror, the more one follows and emulates him the more radical one becomes. Muhammad raided and butchered people merely because they were not his followers. The good Muslims do the same. All the bombings and terrorism perpetrated by Muslims are replicas of Muhammad’s raids, or "ghazwa", as he called them. Taking Women as sex slaves, which the Islamic State and Boko Haram practice was also practiced by Muhammad and he sanctioned it in the Quraan (33:50; 23: 1-6; 70:30; 4:24; 66:1-2). He ordered the assassination of his critics, stoning the adulterers, chopping the hands of thieves and killing the apostates. So, the terrorists are actually good Muslims.

The "bad" Muslim

The second category is of bad Muslims. These are those who don’t practice their religion and are often ignorant of it. They may pray or chant the Quraan, but have no clue of its content. They read it for sawab (reward) without understanding it. These Muslims are ordinary people we all know. Like everybody else, some are good and some are not so good. Some of them are friendly, but they see themselves as superior, by virtue of their faith, and of “higher morals.”

Morality in Islam has nothing to do with what others understand by this word. Morality for women is to cover their hair lest it arouse sexual feelings in men. For men, it is not to shake hands with Muslim women lest it arouse them sexually, etc. Morality in Islam is primarily about genitals and their use. For example, while having sex out of marriage is considered immoral, stoning people caught in such act is not immoral. While looking at bare arms and legs of Muslim women is considered immoral, raping non-Muslim women is not immoral.

These Muslims migrate to the West to better their lives, but they segregate themselves, form isolated communities and warn their children to not learn the ways of unbelievers or take them as friends unless they intend to convert them to Islam. They give huge amounts of money to charity. But Islamic charity has nothing to do with charity. All that money goes to build mosques, print Islamic materials and promote Islam. If any of that is spent for the needy, it is to enlist them for jihad or support the families of the suicide bombers. The bad Muslims are the lifeline of Islam and the breeding ground for good Muslims. All Muslim terrorists, unless they are converts, are born in and emerge from this group. Without the moral and financial support of the bad Muslims Islam will cease to exist.

The "ugly" Muslim

Then we have the ugly Muslims. As we learned the good Muslims are not good at all, and the bad ones are not really bad people, the ugly Muslims actually look beautiful. Islam is a world down the rabbit hole. Nothing is what it is because everything is what it is not. The ugly Muslims are clean-shaven, handsome or attractive, eloquent, articulate, and highly intelligent, just the kind of people you want to hang around with. They are journalists, professors, regular guests and contributors to mainstream media. They know what to say to gain your approval and your applause. They are charming. Their words are reassuring and their faces are familiar. You like them and trust them. So why call them ugly? Because they lie! Their job is to deceive you and to make you believe that the “real Islam” poses no threat to you. These wolves in sheep clothing are the most dangerous group. Deception is deadlier than terror. Do you fear more a ferocious animal that you can see or a deadly virus that you can’t? The enemy within is a lot more dangerous.

Unlike the bad Muslims, the ugly ones are not ignorant of their religion. They know of Muhammad’s raids, rapes, assassinations, genocides, tortures, beheadings, but they deny them, twist the facts and defend him. They accuse the good Muslims of having hijacked their religion of peace when they know they lie. They claim to be reformers when they know that Islam cannot be reformed. Islam is what it is. To reform Islam one has to change the Quran. Over 70% of it must be scrapped, and the other 30% is just sheer nonsense.

These self-styled reformers don’t want to change the Quraan. They just want Muslims to practice it less. In theory it works. Even the deadliest poison in small doses is not lethal. But how can they convince all Muslims to not take their holy book seriously? This project is doomed from the start. This is either naiveté and wishful thinking, or a ruse to deceive the non-Muslims, to give them false hope so they can buy more time for Islam to take over the world, which is the goal of every Muslim, the good, the bad and the ugly. Maajid Nawaz and Reza Aslan are "ugly" Muslims.

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